We chose Goalous in anticipation of improved engagement in the Corona

  • Oyano Accounting Group

    Goalous can encourage each person’s creativity by making them strongly aware of our objective.

  • Axcia Solutions Co., Ltd.

    By visualizing our activity details, follow-up and communication with each member have been activated.

  • KyushuEnergy Co., Ltd.

    The reason we use Goalous is to activate communication between supervisors and subordinates and between departments.

  • AMRITARA Co., Ltd.

    By sharing the tasks and activities of each other in remotework, We are able to feel the connection.

  • Central Uni Co., Ltd.

    Knowing the activities of members who work in various places has brought a sense of unity to the team.

  • TAMAKEN Co., Ltd.

    I feel that the strength of the team has been further improved by clarifying what each person should do and following each other accurately.

  • TRY FIELD Co., Ltd

    It's nice to be able to list and confirm the measures taken to achieve the goal.


    There are staff all over the country. Communication has become more active thanks to the goals.

  • Awaya Co., Ltd.

    Using the photo feature can make the work atmosphere fun and also share information!

  • Solon corp.

    We thought it was the best tool for us to realize the growth of each employee on a daily basis. I am also looking forward to fostering an internal culture of teleworking.