Goalous Terms of Service ※ Where Colorkrew has provided you with a translation of the Japanese language version of the Terms, you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the Japanese language versions of the Terms will govern your relationship with Colorkrew. Colorkrew Inc. (referred to Colorkrew hereafter) has developed the goal achievement support tool, “Goalous” as a tool to make “jobs” in the world fun/enjoyable. Colorkrew will provide Goalous to users in accordance to the Goalous Terms of Service (referred to “Terms” hereafter). By submitting the registration form on the Goalous Service site, agreeing to the Terms, and establishing the “Goalous” Terms of Service agreement between the user and Colorkrew, users will be able to use Goalous in accordance to the regulations of the Terms. Section 1 General Provisions Article 1 Definition The terminology usage regarding the Terms will be defined as followed: ① "Goalous" refers to a goal achievement support service called "Goalous" which includes all kinds of services and is developed by Colorkrew. ② "User" refers to a (natural) person who receives the Goalous provisions. ③ “Service Usage Facilities” refers to, the system (not limited to computer/server, storage, telecommunication facilities, and other equipment. same as below.) used by Colorkrew (including subcontractor) and related software (not limited to OS, middleware, all applications/software, contents, and database) to provide Goalous. ④ "Service Environment” refers to the general term for platform environment such as servers, cloud computing, networks, etc. that are offered to users through service usage facilities. ⑤ "Data" refers to the data information the user has accumulated and registered in the service environment and (including those sent to users from Third Parties through the use of Goalous). ⑥ "Team" refers to billable users of units created on Goalous. ⑦ "Team Member" refers to the user who was invited and joined the team. ⑧ "Team Administrator" refers to the person who manages the team. ⑨ "Third Party" refers to the person other than applicable users. ⑩ "Special Regulation Billing" refers to the "Special Regulations relating to Goalous Usage Billing" that accompanies the Terms. ⑪ "Trial Service" refers to a service free of charge for users who wish to use Goalous within a set period and usage range established by Colorkrew. The Trail Service details are stated in Article 34 of the Terms. Article 2 (Application of Term) In addition to these Terms, Colorkrew will set the terms of use of Goalous as necessary. Article 3 (Changes of Term) Colorkrew may revise its Terms at any time at its discretion. The user agrees to the revised Terms by using Goalous after the date of the revision. Section 2 Contract Formation Article 4 (Change in user information notification) 1. When applying for usage of Goalous, the user will provide the information that Colorkrew has set including true name, mail address etc, in a method prescribed by Colorkrew. 2. The user shall promptly inform Colorkrew of any changes to the details in the preceding clause. 3. Colorkrew bears no responsibility for any losses or damages caused by the user neglecting to inform as set by the preceding clause. Article 5 (Usage Contract) 1. The user will apply for usage of Goalous as outlined in Article 4 or by other methods prescribed by Colorkrew, When Colorkrew agrees to the application, The Goalous Usage Contract will be considered to be established. 2. You must be at least 16 years old to use Goalous. 3. Colorkrew at its discretion can decide whatever or not to accept the Goalous Usage Contract, it is considered that Colorkrew can refuse or cancel the agreement. especially when a user has any of the reasons in the following clauses, However, it is assumed the reasons for Colorkrew denying or cancelling an agreement will not be limited to only the following. (1) When in accordance with the users application, it is difficult for technical or other reasons to provide Goalous. (2) When the user neglects to pay or there is the risk of user neglecting to pay Goalous usage fees (hereinafter referred to as the "Usage Fees") or other expenses stipulated in Article 13. (3) When in the documents submitted by the user there is false statements, errors or omissions. (4) When the user falls or has the possibility of falling under any of the grounds laid out in Article 18 (Release) Section 1. (5) When the user uses or there is the risk of using Goalous in a manner obviously contrary to public order and morals or in an illegal fashion. (6) When the user uses or there is the risk of using Goalous in a manner that will damage the trust or reputation of Colorkrew or a third party. (7) When the user uses or there is the risk of using Goalous in a matter that interferes with other users who use Goalous. (8) When it is decided that there is a possibility the user is using Goalous for dangerous work that may jeopardize people’s lives. (9) When the user has been refused or has had canceled, by Colorkrew, the Goalous usage contract in the past, or has had the provision of other services provided by Goalous or Colorkrew suspended. (10) In addition to each of the above items, when it is rationally determined that Colorkrew is unable to continuously provide Goalous for user's desired use on a technical or business basis. 4. Paid usage starts from the date the user made a paid service application from the Goalous service site (hereinafter referred to as "fee-based use"). Section 3 Goalous Usage Article 6 (Provision of Goalous) 1. It is assumed Colorkrew will provide Goalous with due care of a prudent administrator. 2. Colorkrew, in providing Goalous, shall be able to reproduce, back up, modify or adapt data etc within a necessary range. 3. Colorkrew provides Goalous as it currently is in a best-effort manner. Colorkrew does provide any guarantee regarding performance or service level. 4. Colorkrew may change the specification of Goalous without notice. Article 7 (Team Administrator) 1. The user becomes the team administrator when the respective team is created. 2. The team administrator can do the below listed on the team they manage: (1) Inviting other users to the team and making them team members. (2) Removing team members from the team. (3) Appoint and dismiss team administrators from team members. (4) Information transmission within the team (including, but not limited to, goal setting, action posting, evaluation, news feed posting, evaluation, circle creation) Article 8 (consignment) 1. Colorkrew may entrust all or part of the work required for the provision of Goalous to a person other than Colorkrew (hereinafter referred to as "the subcontractor"). 2. In the case referred to in the preceding clause, Colorkrew shall properly manage the subcontractor and shall assume the same obligation as the provisions of this Agreement concerning the commissioned work. Article 9 (force majeure) Colorkrew will not be held liable for the performance of all or part of the Goalous User Agreement in the event of difficulty in providing Goalous due to Force majeure (hereinafter referred to as "force majeure") such as natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, epidemics of infectious diseases and infectious diseases, war, riots, civil war, revision and abolition of laws and regulations, In that case, Colorkrew will not be liable for damages against the users. Article 10 (temporary interruption and suspension of Goalous) 1. Under any of the following items, without prior notice to the user or consent of the user Colorkrew may suspended the provision of Goalous. (1) When performing periodic maintenance work of equipment for service, etc. (2) In case of emergency maintenance due to failure of service equipment etc. (3) When improving equipment for service etc. (upgrade etc.) (4) When it is necessary for technical or operational reasons (5) When due to force majeure Goalous cannot be provided. 2. Colorkrew shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the user if Goalous could not be provided due to any of the events prescribed in each item of the preceding clause. 3. Colorkrew may request cooperation from users in case of need for repair or restoration regarding troubles concerning equipment Article 11 (Goalous end of service) 1. Colorkrew may terminate the provision of all or part of the services of Goalous if it falls under any of the following items. (1) When the user is notified 45 days before the end of service date. (2) When it becomes difficult to provide Goalous due to force majeure. (3)When of the equipment for service, etc. Software not created or Produced by Colorkrew, Manufacture of hardware or license not created by Colorkrew Supply sale or support is terminated 2. In accordance with the preceding clause, even if ending the provision of all or part of the services of Goalous, Colorkrew shall not bear any obligation including damages obligation. Section 4 User Responsibility Article 12 (Handling of Login ID and Password) 1. User must not disclose, lend, or share Login ID and Password (referred to ID hereafter) issued from Colorkrew to third parties to access the service environment, and must strictly manage this to prevent leakage. 2. The use of Goalous using ID and other conducts are considered to be used by all users and will be handled as follows. However, this is not the case in the event when a third party uses the ID due to reasons attributable to Colorkrew. (1) In the event user(s) or a third-party has suffered damage due to inadequate ID management, error usage, or third party usage, Colorkrew will not bear responsibility. (2) In the event Colorkrew has suffered damage due to unauthorized ID usage, the user shall compensate for the damage. Article 13 Usage Fee 1. The usage fee is as stated on Goalous site. 2. The user is responsible for paying all taxes (collectively refer to tax hereafter) such as consumption tax on usage fee, unless a valid tax exemption certification is presented, deductible taxes from usage fee will not be deducted and the full charged amount must be paid. 3. Regardless of circumstance pretexts, Colorkrew will not refund usage charges. Article 14 (Usage Fee Payment Method) 1. The user or the billing corporation will pay the usage fee to Colorkrew in accordance to the provision of the special regulation billing. 2. When the payment of the preceding paragraph has been neglected, the user or the billing corporation must pay a delayed damage fee at a rate of 14.6% per year. Article 15 (Prohibited Uses) 1. Users must not perform the following conducts (referred to "prohibited acts" hereafter). (1) The act of re-providing or re-selling all or parts of Goalous to third parties. (2) The act of transmitting harmful computer programs. (3) The act of analyzing, modifying, tampering reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, etc. with respect to programs, such as systems, software, etc. included in service equipment. (4) Acts of damaging service equipment and service environment, such as significantly increasing the number of traffic by either intention or negligence. (5) The act of storing and using data violating the laws and regulations in the service environment. (6) Acts contradicting with public order and moral or acts of providing information contradicting with public order and moral. (7) The act of criminal conducts or increasing criminal conducts. (8) Acts conflicting with other laws (regardless of domestically or internationally). (9) Acts of violation to the rights of Colorkrew or third parties. (10) Acts of disturbance or hindrance to Colorkrew or third parties. (11) Acts that violates the contents of the Terms. (12) Acts that may be subject to the above. (13) Other acts that Colorkrew deems inappropriate with objective facts such as with interfering with the operation of Goalous. 2. The user shall be liable to compensate damages suffered or incurred or when there is the risk of damage stuffed to Colorkrew due to a request from a third-party due to a violation of Article 1, the user bears the obligation to respond to the third party Article 16 (Backup) 1. Regarding data, it is the responsibility of the user to save and backup data. 2. Colorkrew will not be solely liable for data storage, saving, and backup. Section 5 Contract period Article 17 (Term of use) 1. During the trial service period, the user can terminate and cancel the Goalous usage contract at any time. However, if you are a team member, you cannot unsubscribe. 2. When using paid version, treatment of the use fee in the case of withdrawal will be subject to the provision of special billing policy. Article 18 (Cancellation) 1. Colorkrew will terminate the Goalous Subscription Agreement without prior notice to the user if any of the following clauses occur with the user: (1) When the terms outlined have been violated and the violation is still not fixed despite a considerable period having elapsed since Colorkrew's request to fix the violation. (2) When Colorkrew determines that the user's action falls under Prohibited Acts or other provisions of these Terms are violated. (3) When conducting a fraudulent act, such as making an illegal or false application when entering into the agreement (4) When a check has been dishonored even once or non-payment has occurred even once. (5) When there is a petition for bankruptcy, a petition for commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, a petition for commencement of corporate reorganization proceedings, a petition for commencement of special liquidation, or the commencement of those procedures. (6) When it has been dissolved or declared bankrupt. (7) When financial position deteriorates markedly, or there is a reasonable ground to belive that it may deteriorate markedly. (8) When any other reason arises that makes it difficult to provide Goalous to users. (9) When it is discovered that they are an anti-social force (a gang group or a gang member and its related group and other anti-social groups or forces defined in the "Act on Prevention of Unfair Acts by Boryokudan Members”) or that they have engaged in transactions etc with antisocial forces. (10) In the case where a representative, an officer, or the corporation itself faces criminal proceedings, prosecution or convictions. (11) In case of termination of business operations brought on by government dispositions. 2. In the event there are obligations to Colorkrew such as unpaid service usage fee at the time of cancellation under the preceding paragraph, the user shall immediately lose the benefit of the deadline for such obligation. 3. Even if canceled pursuant to the provisions of Article 1. Colorkrew will not lose the right to claim service charges etc for the period leading up to the termination Article 19 (Data etc. in case of contract termination) 1. When the Goalous usage contract ends, Colorkrew will delete data regardless of any reason. 2. Colorkrew shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to the user due to the deletion set forth in the preceding paragraph. Article 20 (Survival Clause) Even when the Goalous usage contract has ended, Article 9, Article 10 Clause 2, Article 11 Clause 2, Article 12 Clause 2, Article 14 Clause 2, Article 15 Clause 2, Article 16 Clause 2, Article 18 Clause 3, Article 19, Article 21 Clause 3, Article 22 (For 5 years after termination), Article 25 Clause 2 to 3, Article 26, Article 27, Article 31, Article 33, and Article 33 shall be valid. Section 6 (Handling of Information) Article 21 (Handling of internal team information) 1. With regards to intra-team information dissemination, each user shall transmit at their own responsibility and burden, Colorkrew will not involve itself in any dispute arising from dissemination of information within the team, and the user shall not ask Colorkrew for involvement 2. All items regarding controlling of sending information within the team and the handling method of personal information of team members included in the transmission of information within the team, etc., shall be resolved within the team. Colorkrew shall not be obliged to be involved in any of the beforementioned. 3. Even if team members suffer damage based on information dissemination within the team, Colorkrew shall not be held liable for compensation for damages Article 22 (Confidentiality Obligation) 1. The user shall be responsible for strictly manging and storing all information in connection with the Goalous Subscription Agreement or business technological, financial information) provided by or disclosed Colorkrew (collectively, the "Confidential Information". The user will treat this Confidential Information as secret and will not disclose or leak any part of the Confidential Information to any third party without obtaining written consent from Colorkrew in advance. 2. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, it shall not apply to information proving that the it falls under any of the following items. (1) Already known public information. (2) Information that has become public knowledge through no fault of the User. (3) Information already known upon disclosure. (4) After information has been disclosed, information obtained from a third party authorised representative that are not under confidentiality obligations. (5) Information obligated to be disclosed by law. (6) Information developed and created unrelated to the disclosed confidential information. 3. The user shall be able to disclose this confidential information only to its own officials and employees who need to know the Confidential Information in question and will comply. The Officials and employees will also be obliged to follow the confidentiality prescribed in this article. 4. The User shall not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than the fulfillment of these Terms without obtaining prior consent from the other party in writing. Article 23 (Handling of data etc.) 1. Colorkrew will only use data etc. for the fulfillment of the Goalous Subscription Agreement and not for other purposes. 2. Colorkrew, will not disclose data in addition to the cases specified in the following items to third parties (1) When there is an obligation to disclose by law (2) When to protect life, body, or property there are unavoidable reasons. (3) When fulfilling the Goalous usage contract, it is disclosed to the subcontractor (4) When fulfilling the Goalous usage contract, there are other unavoidable reasons. Article 24 (Handling of personal information) 1. Personal information acquired from users by Colorkrew(personal information is information about a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including information that can be compared with other information and thereby identify the specific individual). 2. For usage fee payment, we will use the user's personal information as follows according to payment method. ① When paying by credit card, we will provide the user's credit card information necessary for payment to the contractor and Colorkrew will not store any credit card information obtained. For credit card information, we will store it as order receipt information until the period of obligation to hold under the provisions of laws and regulations has passed. ② When paying by invoice payment, information on users may be provided to contractors within the scope of using settlement services provided by outsourcers. Section 7 Responsibilities Article 25 (Responsibility for using the service) 1. In using Goalous, the user shall be liable for any troubles or disputes arising with third parties and claims for damages from third parties the user is responsible for any actions and consequences of a using Goalous and shall not cause trouble or inflict damages to Colorkrew. 2. In case Colorkrew suffers damage due to the reason specified in the preceding paragraph, the user shall indemnify the damage. 3. In case of damage to a third party with respect to the use of Goalous, the user shall indemnify the damage at thrir own responsibility and expense, unless there is a violation of this agreement by Colorkrew. 4. With respect to Goalous, in the event of damage to a third party, When Colorkrew receives a claim for damages from the third party regardless of whatever through court or alternative means, and a settlement payment, settlement money, damages compensation etc irrespective of the pretext a form of a money payment is made. The user will bear the burden and costs required to resolve the dispute. and the user shall comply with Colorkrew's request for reimbursement. Article 26 (Disclaimer) 1. Colorkrew shall not be liable for compensation regardless of any obligation default, tort (including negligence), or any other legal claim for damage caused to the user due to the following reasons. (1) Damage due to failures, defects, bugs, etc. regarding service equipment (2) Damage due to leakage, loss or disappearance of data etc. (3) Damage caused by disputes by the data. (4) Damage due to leakage, loss, or loss of data caused by users using Goalous with software with security risks, or the above caused by user equipment, etc. (5) Damage caused by user's failure to comply with security measures and procedure etc. as established by Colorkrew (6) Damage due to failure of the user's connection environment, such as a failure of user's equipment etc. or trouble in the service equipment that provides the internet connection service to the service environment. (7) Damage caused by infection of equipment by computer viruses types that are not covered by the Anti-Virus software that Colorkrew has implemented. (8) Damage to service equipment and service environment etc. due to unauthorized access or attack by a third-party service or interception of a communication en route to service equipment which can not be prevented against even with a bona fide administrator. (9) Damage caused by disabling the provision of service, etc. due to measures such as seizure as required by domestic and foreign law or regulations and due to the inability to provide Goalous upon the request of the regulatory agency based on laws (10) Damage caused when Goalous is used for business related to medicine, human life or the human body (11) Damage due to force majeure (12) Others damage due to reasons not attributable to Colorkrew 2. Colorkrew makes no warranty on Goalous with respect to merchantability and suitability for the intended use of the user. 3. Colorkrew shall not be liable for any damages arising from reasons not attributable to Colorkrew's responsibility, damages arising from special circumstances regardless of whether Colorkrew could foresee or not, and lost profits of users. Section 8 Other general provisions Article 27 (Intellectual Property Rights etc.) 1. For all intellectual property rights including but not limited to software that makes up the Service Equipment ETC, trademarks relating to Goalous, contents, materials presented to users for providing Goalous(hereinafter referred to as "intellectual property rights") are considered to belong to Colorkrew, Contractors and third party rights holders(Hereinafter collectively referred to as "rights holder"). Rights are not transferred to the user by agreeing to the Goalous usage agreement nor is any usage other than those stipulated in this agreement granted. 2. Colorkrew shall grant to the user the non-exclusive license to this intellectual property right within the scope and period necessary for the user to use Goalous. In this case, the Goalous usage fee shall include the consideration for that license. 3. The user shall be liable for damages in the event the right holders are caused damages by infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. Article 28 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations) The user will not transfer or offer as a security the position of being a contract holder under the Goalous usage contract nor will the user do the same for a whole or a part of the rights or obligations based thereon. Article 29 (Notification method) 1. Notifications and other communications made by Colorkrew to users based on these Terms shall be made in an appropriate and reasonable manner as selected by Colorkrew among these are Goalous, posting on Colorkrew website, e-mail and written form. 2. The user shall inform the contact address for notification and other communications set forth in the preceding clause. If a notification or other communication does not arrive at the user because the contact information reported by the user is different from fact, we assume that the notice etc arrived at the user in the status that it should have arrived. 3. When notifications or other communication is done by e-mail, it is deemed that it arrived at the point of Colorkrew sending the e-mail to the address of the contact address reported by the user, if done by Goalous or posting on the homepage, it will be deemed to have arrived when it becomes possible to browse the page. Article 30 (Separability) In this agreement, if all or part of the provision is invalid under the law, it shall be deemed to be invalid only with respect to that provision, and the other provisions shall remain applicable and shall apply to the user and Colorkrew I will. Article 31 (Governing Law) The applicable law concerning the establishment, effectiveness, performance, and interpretation of these Terms shall be Japanese law. Article 32 (Consultation etc) In case of doubts about matters not stipulated in this agreement and prescribed items, we will resolve them after consultation with each other in good faith. Article 33 (Competent jurisdiction) If a dispute arises between the user and Colorkrew concerning the contents of this agreement and there is necessary for litigation or arbitration, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance. Article 34 (trial service) 1. Goalous applicants can use Goalous free of charge for the period and scope specified by Colorkrew only when it is aimed at evaluating formal adaptation of Goalous and evaluation of each function. 2. Colorkrew shall inform the user of its expiration date of the trial service by the day before the trial service expires 3. If the user wishes to continue to use Goalous during the period of using the trial service, he/she must register on the Goalous service site Hereinafter referred to as "fee-based application") by the expiration date of the trial service Paid usage (hereinafter referred to as "fee-based use") starts with the completion of a paid application. 4. Colorkrew considers that the user does not intend to continue to use Goalous when the paid application fails to reach Colorkrew by the expiration date of the trial service period, and the use contract is terminated on the due date of the trial service period will do. In this case, the user cannot use Goalous after the trial service period has elapsed, and Colorkrew will not handle backup or migration of data created or entered by the user before the expiration date of the trial service period 5. While using the trial service, Colorkrew may add additional use conditions etc. 6. If Colorkrew requests evaluation of the trial service by users who are using the trial service, the user shall cooperate with this as far as is reasonably possible. 7. Colorkrew shall be able to change all or part of the trial service depending on operational and technical requirements. In this case, Colorkrew will notify the user in accordance with the method stipulated in Article 29 of this Agreement. 8. Colorkrew shall be able to modify, suspend or modify part or all of the trial service according to the policies of Colorkrew or the administrative necessity, and unless there are special provisions in the related law concerning it, Colorkrew shall not in no way be held responsible for any damage to team members, users or to third parties. <Special provisions regarding Goalous User Fees> Article 1 (definition) 1. "Payment record date" is the base date for confirming the usage fee charged to users from Colorkrew every month. For the payment record date, the payment application date is determined as the first payment record date and then the same day of every month (for example, if you make an application for payment on September 21, 2017, the monthly payment reference date will be the 21st of every month). If the corresponding date does not exist, it will be the last day of the month following the month to which the immediately preceding payment date belonged (eg if the payment reference date is October 31, 2017, the next payment reference date will be November 30,2017). 2. "Payment record period" has a start date of period from the payment record to the day before the payment record date of the next month. <Example of payment record period> October 01, 2017 - October 31, 2017 October 31, 2017 - November 29, 2017 November 10, 2017 - December 09, 2017 January 31, 2018 - 27 February 2018 3. “Paid agreement of use” means a Goalous usage agreement for which the user has started paying the usage fee. 4.”Paid priod of use” means the period of paid agreement of use, which is the contract plan described on Goalous site. 5. "Billing corporation, etc." means a corporation, organization or natural person other than the user, designated by the user as the obligor of the usage fee. In this case, the user shall obtain consent from the accounting corporation etc. in making such designation. Article 2 (Paid period of use) 1. Regardless of the cancellation during the agreement period or the number of days of use, the full usage fee for the agreement period specified by Colorkrew must be paid in full, the already paid usage fee will not be refunded to the user or the charging corporation. 2. If the user does not indicate the cancellation or change of the contract plan by the procedure specified by Colorkrew by the expiration date of the paid period of use, the paid period of use will be updated under the same conditions and the same process will be performed thereafter. Article 3 (Request for usage fee) 1. Colorkrew shall charge the User Fee according to the number of Team Members to Team Users or Billing Corporations, etc., and each user who is a team member will jointly pay this fee. 2. If a team member is added during the paid period of use, the user shall pay an additional fee for the use fee to Colorkrew according to the number of team members added (hereinafter referred to as "additional charge"). Additional charges for the month are calculated at a daily basis from the team member addition date to the expiration date of the payment reference period. 3. Even if the number of team members decreases during the paid period of use, the user shall not reduce the usage fee in the paid period of use. 4. If a third party uses Goalous by using the user's ID, the user shall bear all payment of the usage fee and other obligations arising from such use. Article 4 (Selection of payment method) 1. The user shall choose either (1) credit card payment, (2) bill payment, and pay the fee for Colorkrew in accordance with the means of payment specified below. ① When the payment method is "credit card payment" Contract period: Single month Closing date • Requested time • Payment time: Based on the status of usage at the payment record date, the usage fee for the contract term shall be calculated and requested to the card company on the same day. For additional charges, we will charge the card company on the next payment record date. for the additional fee for the user added using daily charge calculation The payment time is the same as the card company's debit date. ② When payment instrument is "payment of invoice" Contract period: Single month Closing date • Requested time • Payment time: Based on the status of usage at the payment record date, the usage fee for the contract term shall be calculated and requested to the billed company on the same day. For additional charges, we will charge the billed company on the next payment record date. for the additional fee for the user added using daily charge calculation 3. If there is a change in the validity or expiration date of the registered credit card, the user shall immediately notify Colorkrew by changing credit card information in Goalous. Even when the expiration date of the credit card has pass, the user has approved that Colorkrew will continue to charge the usage fee only the user continues to use the paid usage, With regard to usage charges for unpaid fees, An invoice for the same amount of the unpaid amount at the end of the following month. 4. In the case where a billing corporation etc. is designated, the user shall not be obliged to pay the usage fee regardless of the provision of article 1. However, this is not the case unless the user has obtained necessary consent from the billing corporation etc. Article 5 (Request for additional fees in case of unauthorized use) 1. In using Goalous, the user registers all team members in Goalous. In the event Colorkrew has confirmed a violation of the license agreement by multiple persons using the same account, we will charge a usage fee according to the actual number of people to use. retroactively from the beginning of the period during which the action can be confirmed or from the registration of the relevant account In the case where the user is a corporation, the user who belongs to the corporation, shall not uses an account that is not affiliated with the corporation or one which is falsely shown as belonging to a third-party other than the corporation. In the case of Colorkrew confirming this act, retroactively from the beginning of the period during which the act can be confirmed (or from the time of registration of the relevant account") The usage fee according to the actual number of users shall be paid. User belonging to the corporation means a user who has the following relationship with the corporation. Full-time employees having signed employment contracts with the corporation • Contract employees having signed employment contracts with the corporation • Part timer works with employment contract with the corporation / part-time job • Temporary staff dispatched from the dispatching source to the corporation • Any other contractual relationship with the corporation regardless of the type of contract Supplementary provision Established September 30, 2017 Revised on February 4, 2020