Goalous basic structure

Project members can share common knowledge with one another and can enjoy sharing their daily activities towards clear goals with photos.


Goal(What you want to do/your objective)

  • Spread a new service to the world!

Key Result(KPI’s to achieve your objective)

  • 200 new sales
  • Increase monthly productivity by 10%

Action(What you do daily)

  • Visit 3 new customers and got good vibes!
  • Had a meeting with the company to consider introducing new solutions.
  • Outsource part of our workload.

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?

Goalous features

Photo Action

Share your activities for set goals with photos easily.

Get LIKE! and comments. Enjoy and be motivated by sharing your activities to everyone in the company!


Goalous’ main features

Open Goal

Old Style

No one acknowledges what you’re doing or aiming for.

New Style by Goalous

Make it easy for yourself and others to understand and acknowledge by your Goals!


Old Style

Although we are aiming the same direction, we lack efficiency by working individually and waste valuable time.

New Style by Goalous

Collaborate on goals with the same direction as yours. Be efficient by cooperating with your team.


Share specific topics to specific people on specific circle

Old Style

That’s news to me but everything gets lost in the shuffle with too much information thrown in the same place.

New Style by Goalous

Share topics to what you want everyone to know. Or share specific topics to specific people.


Communicate actively and constantly with your team members using the Web Ver. and Mobile App.

Old Style

Writing e-mails is a task and getting replies takes too long.

New Style by Goalous

Just send a message to your colleagues when you want to get in touch. And the ‘read’ feature makes it easy and reassuring to know who read your messages.


Who was the most active? Check the rankings!

Which Action got the most LIKES? You can see and verify the number of actions that everyone does!

Staff Evaluation

HR evaluation process can be done within Goalous.

Old Style

What activities did this person do? It can be difficult to keep track and check each person’s activities.

New Style by Goalous

At the time of HR evaluation, It’s easy to see what the person has done this term.

Multilingual Translation

25 languages available for instant and efficient communication.

Old Style

It is hard to understand if each person’s native language is different.

New Style by Goalous

Can be translated instantly. Communicate faster and efficiently in different languages.

Goalous PC and smartphone screens

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?