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We don't know what our
members are doing in telework


  • We can't see the work of our members

    With the work-at-home system, it becomes difficult to see the progress of work and the full work of members.

  • Lonely and lonely became stress

    Some people have said that they have been working from home and have improved their productivity, and more and more people are feeling lonely when they work silently.

  • Rough communication
    is difficult

    Communication through reporting, contacting, and counseling which has been naturally exchanged within the company, tends to be insufficient in teleworking.

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?

PointPoints for problem solving

How can we easily check
the status of our members?

  • 1

    Share goals and clarify what you are following

  • 2

    Daily share of progress toward goals and activities

  • 3

    Create a mechanism for easy communication

Solved by Goalous

You can work with a sense of unity,
much like being in your office.


  • Photo action function

    Goalous is a service that posts your daily work in real time with photos. The boss can also grasp the progress of the work of the members, and the members can report, contact and consult about the work more casually. I don't feel lonely or alone because the information is constantly updated about what people around me are doing. You can work with a sense of unity, much like being in the office.

  • Open goal function

    Goalous uses the concept of open goals, and all goals within the team are visualized in a list. This allows all members to understand who is aiming for what. At the same time, the will to set an appropriate goal will work, and you will also be proactive in working toward the achievement of your goal.

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Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?