We offer affordable prices starting from US$300/month.

Basic Subscription Fee

  • starting from US$300/month
    ( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )


  • Translation
    (Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )
  • Staff
    ( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )

Initial Fee

  • US$3,000
    ( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )

The price can be adjusted by not selecting tissue diagnosis or by cooperating with case studies.
Please feel free to contact us.

We also offer a variety of support plans to meet your needs, from implementation support to operational establishment.

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?

We will support your company’s organizational improvement(Example of support plan from introduction support to operation establishment)

Before Introduction

1 Consulting

  • ・Organizational diagnosis*
  • ・Personnel system design*
  • ・Seminar for your company

※ Partner Services

Time of Introduction

2 Setup and introductory training

  • ・GKA briefing
  • ・GKA Workshop
  • ・Follow-up during the trial

After Introduction

3 operationalization

  • ・Regular MTG
  • ・Hands-on support
  • ・Monthly Report