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Basic Subscription Fee( Annual Plan )

( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )

  • Basic Subscription Fee( Monthly Plan ) : US$12/user/month( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )
  • Multi-Lingual Translation Function( Optional Menu ) : US$3/user/month( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )
  • Staff Evaluation Function( Optional Menu ) : US$5/user/month( Excl. Consumption Tax / VAT )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods available?

Credit cards can be used for paid plan payments. You can pay in US Dollars or Japanese Yen (for Japan only). If your organization is located in Japan, you can choose invoice payment.

When does the free trial period and payment begin?

For customers who registered on Goalous before 2017/9/29, the free trial period will end on 2017/10/15. Those who registered after 2017/9/29, the free trial period will end in 15 days. The payment begins on the day you apply for the paid plan.

When should I apply for the paid plan?

Please apply for the paid plan before the free trial period ends. Even if the free trial period is over, you can apply for a paid plan for a certain period (120 days).

Are there any function limitations for free trial?

Using Goalous on a free trial does not place, you will be able to use the same functions as a paid plan.

What happens when the free trial period is over?

When the free trial is over, you will only be able to use it in read-only mode for 30 days. During this time, you will not be able to action or post.

Furthermore, when the read-only mode is over, there will be a 90 day lock mode. During this time, you cannot check any contents, only a paid plan application is possible.

How is the paid plan fee charged?

The paid plan is charged by calculating the number of active member usage on the day the paid plan contract starts (payment date), which is one month’s payment. “A one month period is considered to have elapsed on the day prior to the corresponding date in the month after the contract went into effect.”When there is no corresponding date, it will be by the end of the month. If the payment date is the 1st, it will be by the end of the same month.

Payment Period Example:
2017/10/01 – 2017/10/30
2017/10/31 – 2017/11/30
2017/11/10 – 2017/12/09
2018/01/31 – 2018/02/28

Can I continue using Goalous for free?

You cannot. Please apply for the paid plan once the free trial period is over.

How are monthly active members charged?

Team members who fit the following criteria are considered to be billable monthly active members:

  • Team members who are active by the payment date (those not deactivated by the team administrator)
  • In the event that team members were added by the team administrator between the current month’s payment date and 1 day prior to the following month’s payment date, the number of billable members will be more than the number of active members falling on the current month’s payment date. In addition, in that situation, added team member’s usage fee will be charged based on daily rate.

What kind of authority does a team manager have?

The team administrator can give associates team administrative roles in Goalous.

Team administrators have the following authorities.

  • Team detail setting changes
  • Assign administrative roles
  • Default circles (All team) management
  • Team member deactivation
  • Deletion of inappropriate posts
  • Paid Plan detail changes
  • Settlement information reference changes

What is the payment schedule for invoice?

After creating your invoice contract, your first invoice will be issued within the following 2 business days.
You must remit payments by the end of the next month.
However, if the invoice issued carries over to the following month your remittance deadline will carry over to following month as well.
Should you fail to remit payments on-time, your company may be subject to review and may be denied access to Goalous.
For example, If issued 11/30→Remit by 12/31. If issued 12/2→Remit by 1/31.

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