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  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  • AMRITARA Co., Ltd.
  • Axcia Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Central Uni Co., Ltd.
  • Oyano Accounting Group
  • KyushuEnergy Co., Ltd.
  • WitOne Inc.
  • Yabusaki sangyo co.
  • JTB Business Innovators Inc.
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  • AMRITARA Co., Ltd.
  • Axcia Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Central Uni Co., Ltd.
  • Oyano Accounting Group
  • KyushuEnergy Co., Ltd.
  • WitOne Inc.
  • Yabusaki sangyo co.
  • JTB Business Innovators Inc.

Do you have these problems within your organization?

  • Individual

    Employees being passive

    Employees do their work seriously, but they are not pro-active. It is caused by company’s vision not permeate employees. If employees understand the management’s principles more, they would be able to know what to do, and creating actions towards own’s goals.

  • Department

    The team has no sense of unity

    A sense of unity at school festivals and clubs! Do you think that it is not related to working adults?There is no sense of unity if you are blind to other people’s goals.Understanding each other is the first step to creating a sense of unity in your company.

  • Organization

    Nothing “new” is born in organization

    In this fast-changing era, those who do not change cannot survive.In order to make a change, a chain of communication in various places is necessary.With “proactive individuals” and “united team”, a new collaboration is formed and something “new” will be created!

“Goalous solves those problems!”

"OKR" is said to be an excellent goal management format worldwide. You may have heard of it before.
Based on this “OKR” concept, we have developed a new goal management framework for creating “pro-activeness,” “team unity,” and “fun”. That is “GKA”.
Goalous is the only service that incorporates GKA, which can be said to be compatible with OKR, into the social networking system.
Now, let’s create something “new” in your organization with Goalous.

* OKR is an abbreviation for Objectives and Key Results. It is a model created by Intel in the 1970s that is the best practice to connect the goals of organizations and employees and measure progress based on the results achieved. Currently, it is used in Google, Uber, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sears, Zynga, Oracle, Yahoo!, Spotify, Box, GoPro, Flipboard, etc.

Learn more about GKA(Check out our Goalous Blog)

Start today, Goalous!

“So it can be solved, Image of using Goalous”

Make a goal

Let ’s set the objectives of the team to “Goal”. It is also important to set a “key result” to be done to achieve the goal. All members collaborate and share goals. If the goals are clear, employees will be able to think and act pro-actively on what to do to achieve it.

Take action

Take action to achieve your goals. Photo action is more intuitive than words. Everyone knows the action is for what goal.Express your thoughts with Like! and comments. A deeper understanding of communication with each other. Various actions give you a sense of the whole company and create a sense of unity.

A new one is born

“I ’d like to introduce you to the company,” “I ’ll help you with that job,” “Would you like to change this rule?” A new kind of communication is born in the same direction. Let's start with the first action!


Goalous has features that can be evaluated by looking at the progress of the goal and all actions. If you look at the action, you can feel not only the efforts of the members but also the heat of the thoughts. Employees who are evaluated can obtain a more satisfactory evaluation.

Start today, Goalous!

Feedback from our seminar participants

We hold Organizational reform seminars regularly. This seminar is very popular every time for
CEO’s, upper / lower management, HR Team, team management and those who want to improve their organizational capabilities.
Please feel free to join us at our next seminar!

  • I felt that it was ideal to go from fairness to a fun world and apply that mind to business.

  • The way of thinking was ideal but I was quite skeptical about making that a reality. But hearing that Colorkrew has achieved that ideal, I would like to observe how Colorkrew grows with this ideal moving forward.

  • I started visualizing our evaluations at my company, so I would like to consider using Goalous for that as well.

  • It was very interesting! A lot of keywords came to mind that applied to my company as well.

  • I thought about our current internal corporate plans and personnel goal management and it made me want to make that process more enjoyable for all parties involved.

  • Thanks for today. I will apply GKA for my organization as well.

  • It was an interesting content that I wanted our management to hear.

  • I thought that the organization could change depending on the approach.

  • I thought it was nice to be able to hit the spotlight to all the employees.

  • I felt that psychological security and information sharing are important to strengthen the company.By sharing individual goals not only with specific departments but with everyone, I think that the ability to achieve the goals would be improved and returned to the company.

  • I understood GKA methodology well.Because I have a problem how to follow daily activities when using OKR.

Free Goalous Seminar!Learn all of the ways you can improve your organization using Goalous.

Check out the video for Goalous

Introduction video for Goalous

Start today, Goalous!

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