Improved interactions between the managers and employees and made it more active.

  • let us know what employees think.
  • This could be the newspaper 2.0!
  • Motivating by setting Goals.
  • Activating communication by the “Circle” function.
  • Embodying open and flat organization.

Yabusaki sangyo co.

About the Company

Yabusaki sangyo co., founded at 1968, is the “Total Car-life Supporting“ company fulfilling the prosperous future through engagement with vehicles.In the high economic growth period, looking at the rise of the car society, it founded the first gas station by Yabusaki sangyo co. at Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture.Based on the first gas station, it has expanded the business and has become a major oil sales merchant with one of the best sales performances in the prefecture.At each base of Idemitsu service station, car inspection, and sheet metal plants, it develops various car-life business on professional and technical perspectives.

Number of people using Goalous



Mr. Miyawaki Hiroshi, Section Manager

We Wanted to Remove the Communication Barriers Between the Managers and the Field

Issues before Goalous

Previously, we did not have a means to deliver the employees what the company is trying to achieve, or company information such as what the managers are thinking, directly. Therefore, we had a need of communication format where information is shared all over the company and what the employees thinking is heard. With that need, we started issuing in-house newspaper 7 years ago, and realized that the communication was one-sided with the fact that we wouldn't know if everyone reads it, or that there's time lag before receiving feedback.


The Decisive Factor: Enabling Real Time 'In-house Newspaper'

The background of introducing Goalous

When I first learned about Goalous, I felt “this could be the newspaper 2.0!“ I believe the key in information sharing is that everyone could learn about it at the same time. We decided to introduce Goalous because it activates interactive communication by visualizing the goals that the company and each employee set. In addition to that, we have several offices, and we thought it would let us feel the teamwork between distant offices by sharing photos besides goals.


Moving Toward One Shared Goal Brought Us the Sense of Teamwork We Never Had Before

About the Goal function

One thing got us most excited was the shared Goal that was set among different gas stations with which each station competed for the sales performance during a campaign term. Each station has objective figures for sales promotion such as automobile inspection and vehicle coating service. Everyday, we were making Action posts to achieve that figures. Since there's no distinction in making Action posts between permanent employees and part-time workers, the whole station worked together to achieve the figure. Also, learning about the figures and progress that the other statons shraed led to motivating the employees.


The “Circle” Function Flexibly Used According to Needs and Communication Objectives.

About the Circle function

We make and use different Circles according to the information to be shared such as monthly sales information, notifications from stations, and so on. “Circle” is a communication function where only joined members can make posts, like, and add comments. Circles can be made according to the objectives such as “A project information sharing “ or “B department communication board.“


Not Only the Open Work, But Also the Open Individuals!Enabling Intimate Interactions

Outcomes of Introducing Goalous

In addition to the messages from the managerials, each station started to share everyday goal and motivation, and the information is now timely shared. Both the permanent employees and part-time workers have no hesitation in making posts, and we know how they are doing or what they are thinking even though we do not actually meet them. Also, nowadays they started sharing personal life events such as “I got married“, “My kid was born!“ Even for the employees who haven't met in person, the communication is much easier with Goalous, and we believe they have better sense of belonging to the company.