Accelerates the communication at a surprising speed Increasing the member's autonomous activities

  • Accelerating Communication
  • Unexpected Positive Results
  • No Negative Outputs
  • 50% Reduction on HR Evaluation Time

WitOne Inc.

About the Company

The company provides a wide range of necessary user assistance for smooth gaming service operation including customer support, social survey, or foreign language assistance, and supports gaming service management.

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Mr. Fujiwara, Tomohiro, CEO
Mr. Tomura, Yoshihiro, Project Headquarters General Manager


Goalous is used and loved as the best in-house, open SNS for goal-achievement. It is a powerful tool that draws fulfillment of objectives by letting everyone in the team know the following: the goals of the teams and the members belong to them, the visions and the tasks of the organization, and what the members do and think. These days, Goalous is steadily being spread in companies and organizations.

Today, we visited one of those companies, WitOne Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) It is a company with immense trust as a group of professionals who provide overall assistance service required for gaming service operation from offline content to smartphone games. We had an interview with Mr. Fujiwara, Tomohiro, CEO, and Mr. Tomura, Yoshihiro, Project Headquarters General Manager They told us that the following problems were solved by the installment of Goalous: unsatisfactory communication habits among new staff whose number rapidly increased.Miscellaneous personnel evaluation work Isolation between staff working on the sites of other companies.


Accelerating Communication

There are a lot of services called in-house SNS. However, only Goalous is designed with a focus on goal setting by users themselves and concentrating on the goals. By introducing, mutual understanding of “everybody pursuing the same goal did what for which purpose“ is encouraged, and the results that are more than the sum of each individual can be expected.

At WitOne, every employee including part-time staffs has a Goalous account.
Mr. Fujiwara, Tomohiro, CEO from WitOne Inc., stated as follow:
“Our company is relatively new and was established in Dec. 2017. Currently, including part-time employees, we have about 190 staffs including 30 who joined us in the last 6 months. Usually, with this rapid increase pace of staff, there often could be communication gaps, but thanks to Goalous, communication is actively held among staff.

When new employees join, they create their own pages and use their photos for the icons. Moreover, in addition to basic information such as name, department, they describe their hobbies and likes such as favorite games and anime.

In whatever organization, new employees find it difficult in talking to the people around. However, since we roughly know their colleagues' personalities and fields, it is much easier for them to start a conversation. 'Hi, I just heard you are good at doing this. We are just working on a project like that. Would you like to join us?' Just like this.“ (Mr. Tomura, Yoshihiro, General Manager at Sale Headquarters.)

Skipping the “Nice to meet you“ greetings and starting the conversation from “I heard you like this and that“; this is a great effect on activating the communication.

“It used to take about three months for a new employee to get used to the organization, but now with Goalous, I think the time is reduced to half. Also, in whatever organization, some are not good at socializing. There, Goalous facilitates the relationship-building both in work and private. That's what we like.“ (Mr. Fujiwara)


Unexpected Positive Results

The true value of Goalous is in the fact that it enables each team and member to set their own goals and let everyone share them. Just like everyone knows everyone's profile, they also know the goals everyone has set.

“For example, let's say one person has read a book related to marketing as an action towards a goal he set. And he can make a post with the picture of that book and share opinions such as 'This book was quite helpful.' Then another person can “Like“ the post and show reaction such as “I will read it too.“ By exchanging comments, one person's passion is passed to another, and eventually, to the team.“ (Mr. Tomura)

The more each staff uses it, the more team competence will be improved. Also, they said these communications brought them unexpected positive results.

“The staff started organizing seminars on their own. In the fields, there are ones who are specialized in specific fields and techniques. It would be nice if we could have an opportunity to share the know-how. When we were talking like this, some staff proposed to hold a seminar.” They made posts as such on Goalous: 'Mr. A from team X will hold an in-house seminar at XXX. If you want to join, leave a comment here.' Such events have been held anywhere since then. (Mr. Tomura)

“Honestly, I am surprised. Since our company deals with games, the people working also like games. For such people, it is often not so easy to speak out or making appeals, but on Goalous, they actively make funny and attractive posts telling 'we're now working on this!'For example, we have some e-sports teams, and these started from the communications on Goalous.” (Mr. Fujiwara)

“We use Goalous for making announcements of drinking parties and club activities, and therefore, it is quite easy for them to make posts on Goalous. When notifying a seminar, sending out e-mails is a little too much. “I think for them, Goalous is a daily communication opportunity to so it is easy for them to make announcements.” (Mr. Tomura)


No Negative Outputs

Because Goalous is used casually, isn't there a risk for the posts get too casual and even offensive?“Surprisingly, there isn't. The negative output is nearly zero. We did not instruct them how to use it, but everyone uses it with a moderate attitude. Our staff is used to anonymous SNSs such as Twitter, but they have not used Facebook where they use it with real names. Goalous is used basically with a face photo and real name, so it is a new experience for them, and also the fact that they make posts in front of 190 members might work as a brake. (Mr. Fujiwara)

“People with similar preference making community and they have a certain level of manner and behavior. Moreover, they are working sincerely in one community. These ideas are shared and spread throughout staff via Goalous. This could create psychological safety in the staff. Therefore, none of the posts have caused a stir on Goalous, and everyone can focus on their work without being worried or shy.” (Mr. Tomura)

These various effects are a result of everyone's active participation. Still, a plan to promote usage is necessary. “We present various announcements in the company on Goalous. For example, we share information from the management department, and hold a questionnaire on Goalous. 'if you “Liked” it, please leave a comment.' This is a typical example. By repeating these, people will naturally get used to the tool.” (Mr. Tomura)


50% Reduction on HR Evaluation Time

As seen, Goalous is exhibiting extreme performance in motivating employees and pushing toward goals; on the other hand, seen from the other side, another visionary can be observed.

“The fact that you can see all staffs' goals and actions toward them means you can immediately evaluate the work of each staff with what's seen. There's nothing more that can make managers happy.” (Mr, Fujiwara)

Usually, individual objectives, namely goals are decided over interviews with the supervisor. Then organizing them in an excel sheet, pass it around related persons, check it, and hold another interview and keep them as a lead in evaluation. I guess there are a lot of organizations that spend time on these duties.

“By using Goalous evaluation function, you can see everyone's Goal and Action, or in other words, objectives and procedures, and therefore, you can evaluate everyone's work at once. You can easily see the status such as whose evaluation is done or not, mistakes and overlapping is greatly reduced. Also, even if there's a minus factor in the Actions, you can see the overall picture and therefore you can make a fair evaluation without being too dragged by a single mistake. Some people suddenly start working hard right before the evaluation period, but, these “cheatings” are easily seen (laughter). To be honest, this was the best factor I got interested in before installing Goalous.” (Mr. Fujiwara)

 Also, the companies deal with various businesses often find it difficult to have one common purpose. In such a situation, Goalous exhibits its capability.

“Actually, we dispatch employees to various companies. One-fifth of the whole member is working outside of the company. Such staff needs to stay in the clients' sites, and their relationships with the company tend to be poor. However, by getting in touch on Goalous, they realize that they're one of WitOne members at any time. I recommend any organization with an issue in connecting the whole organization to install Goalous.” (Mr. Tomura)

A rabbit runs fast but occasionally has a nap. A turtle walks slow but steady. There are many characters in an organization. Instead of competing, working hard together toward each Goal set by each; this will make everyone happy. Goalous