Enhanced the consciousness toward goal achievement, and improved communication across departments through visualizing the activities.

  • Visualization of business activities over department barriers
  • Appreciation reinforcing engagement
  • Real-time information share improves communication quality
  • Toward a more autonomous organization

Solon corp.

About the Company

Solon corp. deploys real estate merchandise business and house electricity business based in Saga pref.It provides the local people with “life support,” keeping a close relationship.




Mr. Hirakawa, Hiromi

Mr. Honda, Yoshinari

Mr. Nibu, Arata

Mr. Hirakawa, Munetou

Mr. Fujino, Yosuke

Mr. Ura, Kenichirou

The company is a friendly one with an open-door culture. The challenge was insufficient consciousness toward goal achievement.

Issues before Goalous

The beginning was the organization diagnosis we conducted.As a result of the diagnosis, we clearly found out that our challenge was insufficient awareness toward goal achievement.We have a company culture where everyone speaks with each other friendly and without boundaries. However, consciousness toward figures and objectives, namely, what each should do to achieve the objectives, was not enough. We had the challenge to change this attitude toward goal achievement and manage objectives.Also, we had a challenge in horizontal information share. The sale members on sites and in-office members have difficulties in learning about each other's real-time status. (Mr. Hirakawa, CEO)


Decisive factors were “consciousness-raising” and “real-time information share”

The background of Goalous introduction

We always want a better organization.

To achieve that, each employee needs to have a strong awareness, set and achieve their goals autonomously. Previously, some departments managed sales objectives manually. However, they didn't share the status nor exchange feedback with other departments. We introduced Goalous as a part of the solution to this problem, aiming to raise consciousness toward goal achievement, and improve horizontal and real-time communication.

One action stimulates another. Awareness improvement

Goalous usage review

I think Goalous is creating good chain reactions; when one makes an Action, others will consciously commit other Actions. I think the consciousness toward goal achievement is greatly improved, comparing to the previous. This is because everyone set their target figures of project improvement on Goalous, and it visualized the progress of one and others. (Mr. Nibu)

Many of the employees belong to a young generation, and therefore, Goalous has another strength that they can use like other SNS they use every day. Since we're not utilizing the feedback function on objectives and sales process, these are our future improvement in using Goalous. (Mr. Hirakawa)

I think Goalous is wonderful for it enables users to learn about the activities and efforts of others, even over departments. We made a circle named “Praise, celebrate, and motivate.” Before that, employees talked only with those they could see, but now the range of the views became wide, and they see the activities and efforts of others that they didn't know before. It works as a conversation starter and a chance to acknowledge and praise others, and receiving praises motivate the employees. There occurs a synergy between them. (Mr. Fujino)


I think that the great merit of Goalous is now we share work-related knowledge besides everyone's activities.We're aiming for further communication improvement by digitally sharing “Thanks cards” that some departments use.


More autonomous, stronger organization.

Future outlook

We have so far attempted various challenges to figure out our ideal company, from both software and hardware perspective, with our passion to “create our ideal company.”In the future, with Goaous, we hope the whole company would become more involved and engaged, and communication becomes better. (Mr. Hirakawa, CEO)

We're planning to transform past and future Actions into successful case-studies, in-house manual, as our assets.Furthermore, since we added the Goalous evaluation function, we're trying to move to the next phases, where we use Goalous to give appropriate feedback and evaluation to employees' progress toward goals and make the organization even stronger. (Mr. Honda)