We want to manage my members goals efficiently.

I want to manage my members goals efficiently.

Efficient goal management will enable you to give appropriate feedback.

It also makes it easier to support the progress of the members, which leads to the improvement of the team.

Goalous solution
Enables real-time progress monitoring and
effective review

Helps raise awareness to set goals, track activities in real time, and
look back using the accumulated data.

  • Setting Goals

    Setting Goals

    Activity reports are aligned with goals,
    improving goal awareness.

  • Tracking Progress

    Tracking Progress

    Progress against goals
    is stored as data.

  • Feedback


    Keep track of goals and activities
    to ensure effective support

Photo action feature
Enriches information in a single post

A variety of information, including not only the content of the activity, but also the goals and
progress values associated with that activity, can be grasped.

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Accumulates daily activity data.

Activity data is accumulated, enabling efficient feedback. It can also be used for reviewing the activities of others.

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Goalous PC and smartphone screens

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?