You can improve your job and organization!

  • Make decisions quicker.
  • Make your company vision clear to the employees.
  • Make performance evaluations transparent
  • Make your organization more flat.
  • Your work becomes joyful!

Make your colleages goal clear.

What are you working on it? Why are you working on it? Make what you are doing clear to your colleagues.

You can understand your colleages easily, have you ever known another way to know this?

A Picture is worth a thousand words! Photo Actions.

Reporting, Sharing, Self-promotion! It all should be done through photos!
Take a fun photo after a meeting and suddenly your work has become more joyful!

Pictures let us describe better.

Sharing in a circle.

Create circles, and share with project members division members or anyone in the company.

Let's start conversation about any activities and topics!


Communicate with your team members using the Web and Mobile app. No longer necessary to use Email.

You can use messanger in Goalous.

Evaluations with evidence!

Having a performance meeting where you ask "What have you done this quarter" is pointless! Through Goalous you already know their Goals and Actions.
You have already known their Goals and Actions.

Evaluation? Do it in Goalous!


Is the work really effective? Check Goalous for the insight and ranking to see actual engagement.

Your team works better? Easy to know by Goalous.

Goalous: even more features to make your work joyful.

Goal Collaboration

You can easily find common points in other divisions or other floors. Suddenly, these common points can lead you more efficiently to your Goals.
To help each other, then you can achieve your Goals.


Find the best coach for you, and set them as your coach.


Company database at your fingers. Pictures together with names, what are their goals in their work and what actions have they done? All viewable through Goalous.


Do your employees really know the Company Vision? Make it more known!