The daily report is a skeleton and is not being utilized.

Usage scenarios
Daily reports are skeleton and
not being used.

The content of the daily report alone is not enough to understand the activities, making it difficult to provide support.
Even if you introduce a daily report, is it just an increase in the number of daily tasks, or has it become a skeleton?

Goalous Functionality Solves the Problem
Share your daily activities with richer information.

Visualize your daily reports and see what your team members are doing at a glance.
Support can be provided based on progress and activities.

  • Keep track of progress

    Keep track of progress

    Easily track your members' activities and progress.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge Sharing

    Posting with photos for everyone to view.

  • Communication


    Effective support in
    real time.

Activity sharing feature
Enriched information in a single post.

Not only the content of the activity, but also the goals,
progress values, and various other information associated with the activity can be grasped.

Learn more Activity sharing feature.

Feedback and evaluation function
Accumulates daily activity data.

Activity data will be accumulated, allowing for efficient feedback and process evaluation. It can also be used to reflect on the activities of others.

Learn more Feedback and evaluation function
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