We want to increase member engagement.

Usage scenarios
We want to improve
member engagement.

Do you feel that your organizations’ sense of unity is decreasing due to telework?
Let’s make each other’s activities visible and increase engagement with the organization.

Goalous functionality solves the problem
Visualize your activities and provide feedback to
increase your sense of unity as a team.

Visualize daily operations and be open about who is doing what.
In addition, it raises the motivation of members with appropriate feedback.

  • Keep track of progress

    Keep track of progress

    Work reports with photos, so you can easily share your activities.

  • Feedback.


    Keep track of goals and activities for
    effective support.

  • Communication


    Like and comment on social networking sites.

Activity sharing function
Enrich your information with a single post.

Not only the content of the activity, but also the goals,
progress values, and various other information associated with the activity can be grasped.

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Feedback and evaluation function
Accumulates daily activity data.

Activity data will be accumulated, allowing for efficient feedback and process evaluation. It can also be used to reflect on the activities of others.

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Goalous PC and smartphone screens

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?