Keep track of members activities even under telework.

Keep track of members activities even under telework.

It is difficult to see the daily activities and progress of the members under telework.
Does this pose a challenge to communication and support within the organization?

Goalous solution
gives you a sense of unity
as if you were in the office.

By sharing goals and daily activities against those goals,
you can visualize the status of your members.
It also allows for easy communication.

  • Sharing Goals

    Sharing Goals

    You can expect to improve y
    our initiative to achieve your goals.

  • Tracking Progress

    Tracking Progress

    Keep many members
    in-tuned with your activities.

  • Communication


    Posting and browsing
    in a social network format.

Open goal
Improves sense of purpose and initiative

Increases awareness of setting appropriate goals and
increases independence in achieving goals.

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Photo action
Enriches information in a single post.

Not only can you see the activity, but also the goals,
progress and other information associated with the activity.

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Goalous PC and smartphone screens

Why don't you “visualize your activities“ with Goalous?