You can improve your job and organization!

  • Make a dicision much faster.
  • Make your company vision clear to the employees.
  • Make evaluation clear.
  • Make your organization more flat.
  • You will find your job much joyful!

Make your colleages goal clear.

Why you work? What you work for? What are you doing? Make them clear to your colleages!

You can understand your colleages easily, have you ever known another way to know this?

How visible photo actions are!

Reporting, sharing and appealing, everything should be done as photo action!
We really believe you will like photo action!

Pictures let us describe better.

Sharing at circle.

You can share with your project members and with your division members in circles.

Let's start conversation about any activities and topics!


You can communicate with your team members by Web and Mobile app. No more need to use Email.

You can use messanger in Goalous.

Evaluate reasonably and concretely.

Ridiculous is meeting for evaluation!
You have already known their goals and actions.

Evaluation? Do it in Goalous!


Is it really effective? Just check insight and ranking in Goalous!

Your team works better? Easy to know by Goalous.

There are many other features in Goalous.

Collaborating in Goal

You can meet people in another division or another floor.
To help each other, then you can achieve your goals.


You can set your coach. Who is for your best?


You can know everyone in your company. That's nice, isn't it?


Employees really know the company vision? Make it more known.

Let's go to Goalous!

It's free until the summer of 2017! Try it!

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