You can definitely change your organization by Goalous.

Achieve Goals, make your team open, let your job become joyful!

Get progress to Vision.

Every one knows Vision and make their Goals. Goalous let them improve themselves.

You get to know your team grow by your achievement of goals.

You can reduce the words, What is that?

What did your colleages did today? Share on Goalous and get to know more and more.


Make results by cooperation.

What most important for teams is to know each other. Get to know by Goalous, you can get succeeded efficiently.

Help each other, enjoy with them. How wonderful?

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Frequent questions

People are connected by Goal, this is the different point from others. We can follow Goals or collaborate with Goals. Just post an action to Goals, everyone can know what you did, when you did for Goals. Enjoy your team communication.
Team administrator can make the member left deactivated. Those members can't access your team but the posts they did would remain your team.

We save data as distribution. We reserve backups everyday. Using SSL, 2-Step Verification and Login lock, you can use Goalous with safe.
You can download Goalous on AppStore and PlayStore. You can use our application on your mobile. Also, you can access to Goalous on your mobile browser.

Sure! Please contact with us from contact form. We are looking forward your contact!
In order to continue using Goalous, you need to purchase a subscription plan.

Definitely not, but we hope to get your feedback. If we find it as good idea, we immediately accept it.
After logged in, you can get contact with us by support tool. We can help you as soon as possible.

ISAO, make and deliver "Joyful!". Found on 1999, our sprits are "Open, Challanging, Link".

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