Don’t miss the signs that your best employees are quitting! What kind of workplace makes people want to keep working?

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If a number of talented employees leave the company, not only will the work not go as smoothly as expected, but it will also affect the company’s overall performance. It is important to do something to stop the departure of talented employees. For this reason, it is important not to overlook the signs of resignation. In this article, I will explain the reasons why good employees quit a company, the signs, and the countermeasures.

Why do good employees quit!

There are three main reasons why good employees decide to leave their jobs.

To change jobs in search of better benefits

Excellent employees will leave if they are dissatisfied with their current treatment, for example, if the salary and other benefits are not commensurate with their workload and performance, or if they are not valued no matter how many results they produce due to the seniority system. If you are a talented person, you will be even more sought after, because you have the ability to seek better conditions.

However, not all employees have concerns about the company. Even if they are not dissatisfied with their compensation, some people decide to change their jobs in order to advance their careers and find a company that offers better compensation or a place where they can achieve self-fulfillment.

The workload is heavy and burdensome

Because the best employees are the ones who can do the best work, they tend to have a larger workload than other employees. This can lead to longer overtime hours. If they are doing the same work, but have different workloads and are not evaluated in the same way, their dissatisfaction will only grow.

If the workload is too unevenly distributed among the best employees, it may lead to resignation. If the workload is too much for the best employees, it may lead to their resignation, and if the best employees want to focus on work-life balance, they may quit because the work style does not suit them.

Is dissatisfied with the company or boss

Even if you are excellent at your job, you may not always share the same work direction or values with your boss or management team. If you are not on the same page, you may become stressed out and decide to leave the company in search of an environment where you can work more like yourself.

Other reasons for resignation include not receiving an appropriate evaluation due to excessive reprimands from superiors, or not being accepted at all despite submitting improvement plans and ideas.

Signs that a good employee is quitting

Not many people quit as soon as they want to. In no small number of cases, there must be some signs that a good employee is about to leave. In order to reduce the number of resignations, we will discuss some of the signs that good employees show when they quit a company.

They stop complaining and whining

If a person who has been complaining or complaining stops talking about it, it is safe to say that the signs of resignation have deepened. This is because it is more likely that they have given up on the company, rather than trying to work positively by silencing their anxiety and complaints.

If you feel that your dissatisfaction is not getting better, and you have given up on the company or your boss, there is no need to complain or whine. You could be in a state of giving up your expectations, giving up and looking for a new job.

Clean up your appearance

If there is a clear change in your appearance, such as you are now dressing more conservatively or more conservatively than you used to, this could be a sign that you are leaving the company.

This is because when you start looking for a new job, you have more opportunities to take photos, go to interviews, and worry about your appearance. If your appearance suddenly changes and you are clearly well groomed, it could be a sign that you are moving forward with your job search.

Losing motivation

If you no longer feel attached to the company, you will lose motivation for your work. If there are any changes, such as a recent lack of motivation or a drop in work efficiency that prevents you from working as much as you used to, it could be a sign that you are thinking about resigning.

They start leaving the office on time even when their colleagues are working overtime

Good employees have a strong sense of responsibility for their work. If, despite their strong sense of responsibility, they work the same amount of overtime as before but work noticeably less, or if they leave the office without caring if their colleagues are working overtime, it can be said that they are showing signs of resignation.

If they leave the office on time without lending a hand even when others around them seem to be busy, it can be seen that their sense of contribution and responsibility to the company has already waned.

More frequent use of paid work than usual

If they are clearly taking more pay compared to their previous pace of paid work, we can assume that they are starting to prepare for retirement. This is because job-hunting activities such as company information sessions and interviews inevitably require a large amount of time.

In particular, if the frequency of requesting time off suddenly increases, or if the person requests time off several times a month, there are strong signs that he or she is preparing to resign.

Reluctance to participate in company events and drinking parties

If the employee is more reluctant to participate in company events and drinking parties than in the past, and does not communicate with other employees outside of work hours, it can be considered a sign of resignation.

There are a variety of reasons for this, such as the fact that they have almost decided to leave the company and do not need to deepen their friendships any further, the fact that they feel compassion when they have more opportunities to communicate, or the fact that they want to devote their time outside of work to their job search.

How to stop good employees from quitting?

When a good employee starts to show signs of resignation, it may be difficult to prevent them from leaving, as they are most likely thinking about leaving and are also in the process of changing jobs. However, you can hold them back from leaving. If you discuss the situation carefully and there is a chance of improvement, a good employee may reconsider leaving.

Finally, here are some measures that should be taken immediately when a good employee shows signs of quitting.

Listen carefully to their reasons for wanting to leave

Employees who are inclined to resign do not speak their minds easily. If you see signs of resignation, it is important for you to approach them. There is no point in arguing and blaming the other party. It will only reinforce the intention to leave.

If you want to keep people from leaving, listen carefully to what they have to say about their dissatisfaction and what kind of treatment or improvement they need.

Review compensation and workload

If there is a possibility of improvement in salary or other benefits, or in the workload, and there is a rationale for it, there is a chance that the person will reconsider leaving. Once you have elicited their dissatisfaction, you should review the situation, including the personnel evaluation system, to ensure that the workload is appropriate and that the compensation is commensurate with their abilities.

Vitalize communication to prevent isolation

Because it is easy for the workload to be concentrated on talented employees, it is necessary to improve the direction in which teams work together to avoid uneven workloads. In order to cooperate, communication within the team, such as information exchange, is essential.

To revitalize internal communication, you can use a social network type goal management tool Goalous is useful. In addition to information sharing, Goalous is a chat-style tool that allows for easy communication.

It also has an open goal function, so you can share the status of your goals and support each other in your work. If progress is not going well, it will be easy to suggest changes in the way things are done. In addition, since the status of work will be clear, appropriate personnel evaluation can be realized.

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There are often some signs that a good employee is on the verge of quitting. The best thing to do is to improve the work environment before there are signs, but if there are already signs, take immediate action to retain employees.