What is the most effective way to deal with subordinates who are demotivated by personnel evaluations?

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When a personnel evaluation is conducted, subordinates who are dissatisfied with the evaluation may lose their motivation.

This is an important and delicate issue, especially for managers, whose subordinates’ motivation is affected by the results of personnel evaluations, which may affect their daily work.

Why do subordinates become dissatisfied with personnel evaluations? What measures should be taken to identify the causes and prevent subordinates from losing their motivation?

This article introduces the causes of subordinates’ dissatisfaction with personnel evaluations and how to deal with subordinates who have lost their motivation.

Why are subordinates dissatisfied with personnel evaluations?

There are several reasons why subordinates may become dissatisfied with personnel evaluations. What is important is “the legitimacy of the personnel evaluation” and “whether the subordinate is satisfied with it,” and the management must clearly present the reasons that led to the evaluation whenever possible.

Here are two possible reasons why subordinates may be dissatisfied with the personnel evaluation.

Unclear evaluation criteria

One of the reasons why subordinates are dissatisfied with personnel evaluations is that the evaluation standards are unclear.

This is a case where the evaluation standards are not disclosed and the person does not know why he or she was given the evaluation.

In addition, personnel evaluations that place too much emphasis on results and the achievement of goals can also cause subordinates to lose motivation.

On the other hand, if a subordinate feels that his or her evaluation is low even though he or she is achieving results, it will also demotivate him or her.

In order to convince subordinates that the evaluation is justified, it is important to first clearly state the evaluation criteria in the personnel evaluation.

Satisfaction with the supervisor who evaluates

Sometimes subordinates lose motivation due to dissatisfaction with the supervisor who conducts the personnel evaluation.
This is often the case when subjective evaluations are conducted and evaluation standards differ depending on the supervisor in charge.

If a subordinate receives a lower evaluation than a colleague who has achieved similar results, the subordinate will lose motivation.

Another dissatisfaction with supervisors who conduct evaluations is that they do not provide sufficient feedback on personnel evaluations.

If they cannot give feedback to their subordinates on how they should act and what kind of performance and results they should achieve to get a higher evaluation, the subordinates themselves will lose sight of their goals.

In other words, if the evaluation standards are vague and there are problems with the relationship with the boss, it is easy for the subordinate’s motivation to decline.

How to deal with subordinates who are demotivated by personnel evaluation

So how do you deal with a subordinate who is demotivated by a personnel evaluation?

When a subordinate loses motivation, it is important to find out the cause of his or her dissatisfaction and clearly explain the reason for the evaluation in a way that makes sense to him or her.

Here are some tips on how to deal with subordinates who are demotivated because of personnel evaluations and how to treat them.

Disclose your company’s evaluation standards

When subordinates are demotivated by personnel evaluations, the first thing you need to do is to disclose your company’s evaluation standards and make them clear.

The purpose of this is to make the evaluation standards and evaluation items public and known to all employees so that they can easily understand what kind of effort they need to make.

By understanding the evaluation standards, the behavior and results required in daily work will become clearer, and the difference between self-evaluation and personnel evaluation will be less likely to occur.

As a result, they will be able to understand why the evaluation was done the way it was, and it will be easier for them to be satisfied with the evaluation.

Set up regular meetings with subordinates

In personnel evaluations, it is important for supervisors to give feedback to subordinates and link it to the next action.
It is also essential to keep track of the subordinates’ efforts and the process they went through to achieve the results, rather than just looking at the results.

For this purpose, it is effective to set up opportunities for regular meetings with subordinates and make time to check their status and give them advice on how to be evaluated more highly.

Convincing subordinates of their own personnel evaluations will help prevent them from losing motivation, so it is important to provide regular opportunities to talk with subordinates.

If you have any doubts about your company’s evaluation system

If your subordinates are dissatisfied with your evaluation system, you need to review the personnel evaluation system itself.

It is important to check whether the evaluation is justified and whether the reasons for the evaluation can be clearly explained to the subordinates, and to improve the evaluation system to make it optimal for the company.

When reviewing and operating the evaluation system, tools with the necessary functions are useful.

The goal management tool with Goalous, you can see at a glance the efforts of your subordinates, including the progress of projects and the percentage of goals achieved, making it easier to achieve fair evaluations.

By sharing the goals and progress of employees with the open goal function, it will be easier for subordinates themselves to compare and understand their own achievements with those of their colleagues.

Furthermore, Goalous also has a messaging function and a circle function, so you can make casual chats as well as business contacts.

Creating an environment where subordinates who are dissatisfied or troubled can feel free to ask for advice is also an effective measure to prevent them from losing motivation.

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The reason behind subordinates being demotivated by personnel evaluations is that there is often a gap between the evaluation that the subordinate himself is giving himself and the personnel evaluation that he has actually received.

Bridging this gap so that subordinates can evaluate themselves fairly is also an important measure to reduce dissatisfaction with personnel evaluations.