What is Survey? How to collect information and use data to improve your organization

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One way to learn about internal issues is to gather information through surveys. If you are having trouble improving your organization, you may want to try using surveys. This article explains what a survey is, its role, and tips on how to use it for organizational improvement.

The Role of Surveys in Organizations

Let’s take a look at what role surveys play in an organization, the meaning of surveys and the benefits of incorporating surveys in an organization.

The difference between surveys and research

Survey is a word that refers to measurement or research. The word “research” is similar to “survey”. Research is the same in the sense that it conducts surveys, but the scale of the survey differs from that of a survey.

Research has a clear purpose and target, and is conducted in order to grasp more detailed facts. On the other hand, surveys are conducted on a large scale in order to clarify the purpose and target and to see the whole picture. In other words, a survey is a larger scale survey than research.

Surveys conducted within an organization include “employee surveys” to understand the work environment and human relations, and “engagement surveys” to understand employee engagement.

Advantages of conducting surveys

A unique feature of surveys is that they provide data on employees’ thoughts and figures. Since the situation is quantified, it is easy to find issues in the organization.

The advantage of being able to grasp issues in data is that it allows us to objectively view the current evaluation of personnel and benefits. The rules and regulations that you have adopted thinking that they are good systems may not be well received by your employees. It is also useful for understanding the gap between the current state of the organization and its employees.

If the gap between the current state of the organization and the employees is identified, it is possible to improve the organization by revising the personnel system and work rules.

Tips for using surveys to improve your organization

Next, we will show you how to make the most of surveys for organizational improvement, and introduce the process and points to keep in mind.

Flow from implementation to utilization

If you want to conduct a survey, it is easy to use a survey tool. There are free survey tools as well as paid tools, so you can choose the one that best suits your company’s needs and scale.
The surveys you conduct will be returned to you in the form of data.

It is important not to be satisfied with just obtaining the data, but to analyze it and understand the issues.

Once the issues are identified, a solution plan should be formulated and put into action. However, it is impossible to know how effective the solution will be if it is only implemented. Therefore, perform the survey again to verify the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

If you are going to conduct a survey, keep running the cycle until you can see the effects of the various solutions in order to make sure that the issues are resolved.

Cautions on Surveys

Surveys are useful for organizational improvement, but too frequent surveys can interfere with employees’ work. To avoid becoming a burden, it is important to adjust the frequency of execution, the number of responses, and the timing of the survey. .

In addition, there are situations where frank opinions are necessary depending on the content of the question. It is also important to ensure anonymity so that answers will not be used to the disadvantage of employees, and to give consideration to allowing employees to answer anything they want.

In addition to anonymity, the way data is used can also lead to employee distrust. If you are going to conduct a survey, it is important to explain how the data will be used so as not to arouse distrust.

Improve your organization by increasing engagement

Surveys are useful for identifying issues, but if you don’t take action to solve them, you can’t expect to see any results afterwards. It is important to implement solutions from the issues identified in the survey to improve engagement, which represents the level of contribution based on trust among employees.

How to improve engagement?

Because there is often a gap between management guidelines and employee behavioral guidelines, it is important to check how much of a gap there is and why the gap was created.

Once you have identified the gap, take measures to address the issues and close the gap. In order to increase engagement, it is not a matter of implementing one-off initiatives, but of implementing ongoing initiatives.

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Surveys performed within an organization can help to understand internal engagement and challenges. What is important is what you do after you identify the issues. It’s a good idea to develop a solution, implement it, check to see if it worked, and then run the survey again.