Is Onboarding Necessary for Mid-career Hires? What’s Important for Immediate Effectiveness and Retention

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Hello. This is Kojima from Sales & Marketing Project.
It’s that time of the year when the world welcomes new people to the company.
In fact, I joined a mid-career company in March, and I’m struggling every day to adapt to the new environment and become an effective member of the team.
In this article, I will discuss the “new normal” way of working from the perspective of both existing and new employees, and draw on my own experience as a former manager at a large company to tell you what is important for mid-career employees to become immediately effective and retain their positions.

Decisions made because of the Corona disaster

I entered the workforce in the mid-1990s, so I am a seasoned member of society.
And the Corona disaster brought no small amount of change to my work.
However, the trigger for my career change was the fact that I felt it was the right time to take on a challenge because we were in a VUCA era with no clear future.
In the past year, the world as a whole has undergone rapid changes, and people’s thinking and behavior have changed to adapt.
I felt that the change from the hierarchical organization that is the mainstream in the world to a Bali-flat organization* with no hierarchy or barriers such as positions or departments would also have a positive effect depending on myself.

* What is the Bali Flat Organization?
Bari = super, flat = organization without hierarchy.

The harsh reality for new-comers.
I’ve been working remotely for almost 20 years, so the recent changes in the way I work are not strange to me.
However, on the other hand, I was aware that this was not the case for those who had been transferred or had joined the company midway through their careers, and I took care of those people, but when I became a party to the change, my honest impression was that “the reality is much more severe.
Everything is “invisible. .
Who, what, when, how…the list goes on and on.
If you are a new graduate, there is a system for you to run your own business, but for mid-career hires, isn’t it common for you to get used to it on an OJT basis?
In an online environment, it is difficult to know when to ask for help, and it is also impossible to learn by watching the movements of others. This happens all day, every day, and in every part of the activity.
To put it bluntly, even I, who pride myself on having a high stress tolerance, felt very anxious and stressed.

First of all, dealing with “not knowing what I don’t know”

As you become accustomed to your work and environment, the “norm” in the community will form without you even realizing it.
This is part of the reason why work progresses smoothly, but newcomers naturally don’t have that knowledge or sense.
In addition, when they first start out, they don’t know what they don’t know.
In such a situation, we wanted a one-stop search system that would allow us to find out what we don’t know or what we want to know, starting with the internal and industry words we use every day, the workflows and know-how related to practical work, and the profiles and careers of the people involved.
It would be perfect if it were systematized and organized, but I don’t agree with devoting more man-hours to it than necessary.
In other words, we don’t need a wiki or intranet site, but a “searchable system” is sufficient.
As long as a certain amount of relevant information can be obtained with a time axis, both the new members themselves and the surrounding members can achieve their goals without loss while being aware of the freshness of the information.
Furthermore, this system can be an asset to the organization because it leads to the visualization of tacit knowledge and the increase of accumulated knowledge.

The Foundation of the New Normal is Flexibility

Although a vaccine for the new coronavirus is now in circulation, no clear treatment has yet been established.
Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that we will continue to be unpredictable for the foreseeable future, and there is no doubt that a “hybrid work style” that uses both online and offline work as appropriate will be the basis of the new normal work style.

For this reason, “online premise” and “multi-device support” that can be used on both PCs and smartphones are keywords that cannot be ignored. These two keywords support a flexible work style. In addition, multi-factor authentication will increase security and make you feel more secure.

The ultimate goal is to “create communication”

Go to It all comes down to

For those who have switched to telecommuting, more than a year has already passed.

As discussed in various articles, “health concerns” due to the loss of commuting and reduced activity, and “reduced communication” due to reduced contact with others are both mental and physical risks.

The latter is also linked to business risks due to the “invisibility” between superiors, subordinates and colleagues, and many people may consider it a priority issue that needs to be resolved.

In order to solve this problem, the promotion of visualization/showing is effective.

Goalous is such a “convenient thing”

If you have read this far, you may be thinking that it is too much of a hurdle or that it is idealistic.
However, with the introduction of one tool, the problem can be almost cleared. (* Because it is necessary to create rules according to the issues and environment of the destination.)
That is “ Goalous “.

Goalous is such a convenient thing

It’s a “social networking goal management tool”, but I found it to be a “tool that creates a change in consciousness and behavior by starting with “seeing”.

The mapping above is a graphical representation of my impressions, Goalous is “simple”. It also has a strong focus on communication and logging.

In addition, the fact that the various types of software used in day-to-day operations are not “heavy” directly leads to “reduced man-hours of operation = increased productivity”, making it a tool that supports a new normal way of working from a human perspective.

I’m sure many companies have already introduced business chat and groupware, but the main area of responsibility is different.

I have been working remotely since the day after I joined the company, and Goalous…was to “post everything I do”.

While “showing” our daily activities, we also added what we felt and tried to let people know a little about ourselves… The number of posts in March reached 132and we won the top prize for March! Ranking of actions in the first month of employment
Ranking of actions taken in the first month of employment.

As a result, my daily actions and thoughts were “visible” to others, which led to communication with people I had never talked to before, and that communication led to new actions.

To be honest, at first I had a lot of resistance and dislike for the “image must” specification. I thought, “At my age, it’s so annoying to have to take selfies all the time…” But I got used to it as a part of my job, and I don’t mind it anymore.

Although it is only one image, it was also a new realization that there are various approaches to “showing” and that information can be included. Now I think, “There’s no way not to make use of it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is.
You will have to make some changes in your activities, but I am sure that new opportunities will be created.

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