What is a General Manager? An easy-to-understand explanation of the role and job description required

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In some companies, there is a position called “general manager. Many people may have heard of the title, but may not know the specific scope of the job. In this article, we will discuss the role and responsibilities of a general manager.

In this article, I will explain the role of a general manager, the nature of the job and the skills required.

What is a General Manager?

A general manager is one of the management positions in a company.

It is one of the managerial positions in a company. It is one of the top positions among manager positions and is often given discretionary authority such as the right to make decisions on management strategies and business plans.

The position of general manager is generally found in foreign companies, such as European and American companies, and is responsible for the management of the field as well as the entire team or department that he or she manages.

In Japanese companies, the position is equivalent to that of a general manager, with names such as general manager, branch manager, and general business manager.

The role and job description required of a general manager

What exactly is the role and job description required of a general manager? Here is an introduction to the role and job description of a general manager and how they relate to the organization.

Setting the business plan

One of the roles of a general manager is to “set the business plan. It is necessary to set up a business plan to implement management strategies and provide direction to the departments and teams that you manage.

Managing the business plan is also an important role of the general manager. It is also essential to pay attention to whether the plan is progressing as planned and whether there are any departments that are lagging behind, and to take countermeasures according to the situation.

It is also the role of the general manager to resolve issues when advancing the business plan. The role of the general manager is to create an environment in which employees working in the field can proceed with the business plan as planned, and to gather opinions and provide feedback from the field.

Allocation of resources

A company has a variety of management resources. Resources in a company is a term that refers to all the elements necessary for business strategy, including the organization’s personnel, funds, supplies, IT equipment and other facilities.

The general manager is also the position that allocates resources. As such, they are also responsible for allocating the organization’s staff and funds, as well as investing in equipment and employee training. At the same time, it is the role of the general manager to consider how to allocate internal resources to maximize operational efficiency and profits.

Since systematic organizational management with an eye on the future of the company is required, organizational management must be carried out while keeping abreast of the situation in the field.

Human resource development

Human resource development is also one of the tasks of a general manager. Employees working for a company are one of the most important resources, and developing human resources who can contribute to the company is essential for the future growth of the company.

They are also required to train managers who will become their successors and pass on the know-how of organizational management.

When general managers are actively involved in human resource development, they are more likely to come up with ideas for staffing and internal training that will be needed in the future.

“The general manager must consider how to best allocate resources from the perspective of “what kind of human resources to develop and how to make them perform at a high level.

Skills required for a general manager

From here, we will introduce the skills and abilities required as a general manager. We would like you to be aware of these skills and abilities so that you can respond to the role required of you as a general manager.


Leadership is one of the skills needed by a general manager. Leadership is one of the skills that a general manager needs to have in order to lead the team to achieve the plans and goals that have been set.

The ability to manage and lead employees to maximize their performance is required, including quickly identifying and solving issues in organizational operations.

Based on the business plan, it is important to show your subordinates through your actions, for example, by taking the initiative to take the necessary measures if there is a lack of environment or human resources to carry out the work required to achieve the goals.

Manager’s perspective

Having the perspective of a manager is also an ability that a general manager needs to acquire. Quick management decisions will lead to maximizing profits and minimizing losses for the company.

General managers need to quickly catch up with the situation on the ground to identify issues and make the necessary decisions based on the company’s financial situation and market trends.

He or she must determine what is necessary to proceed as planned, and must be able to act quickly and quickly to provide direction to employees.

In order to fulfill the role of a general manager, you need to be able to keep an eye on the ever-changing market trends, determine how to utilize internal resources, and implement them from a management perspective.

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The general manager is an important position in a company that grasps the situation on the ground and makes the necessary decisions.

It is no exaggeration to say that a general manager’s ability to make decisions can affect the company’s environment and its growth, as he or she has the authority to allocate resources.

While honing the necessary skills and abilities, you should also make efforts to nurture successors who will contribute to the company and create a comfortable working environment for front-line employees.