What are some goal-achieving apps that increase team strength? Recommended Apps

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In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of useful apps for business, and many companies have started to use goal achievement apps.

These apps have a variety of functions that are essential for achieving not only personal goals but also project and team goals, making them very useful tools for managing team goals.

So what exactly are the functions of goal achievement apps, and in what situations can they be used?

In this article, I will introduce what you can do with goal-achieving apps and recommend some apps.

What goal achievement apps can do

Goal-achieving apps have the features necessary to achieve goals and help you manage your projects as you move forward.

Here we will introduce some of the specific measures and tasks that can be done by using the functions of the goal achievement app.

Understanding the current situation

The Goal Achievement App has a function that allows you to record what you have done in your daily work, so you can easily grasp the current progress.

If the progress of each employee is shared with the team, they can immediately follow up on any delays, which will help prevent delays in the schedule.

Clarify what needs to be done before the goal

By using a goal-achievement application, you can visualize your tasks, which will clarify what you need to do to reach your goal.

In addition, if the visualized tasks are prioritized, team members will be able to deal with them, which will improve work efficiency.

In addition to improving work efficiency, task management can also prevent omission of tasks, which is another advantage of using a goal achievement application.

Make it easier to find problems

As mentioned above, the Goal Achievement App allows you to visualize the tasks necessary to achieve your goals, making it easier to grasp the achievement rate of the tasks.

One of the benefits is that by comparing the achievement rate of each task, it becomes easier to find problems in the project.

Also, if problems can be corrected as soon as they are found, they can be dealt with before they develop into major problems.

Flexible course correction will result in a higher probability of achieving the goal.

Recommended goal achievement apps

There are various types of goal-achieving apps, and different apps have different features and functions that can be used.

Here are some recommended goal-achieving apps for different purposes. When introducing an app, it is recommended to choose one with a simple interface that is easy to use for all members as much as possible.

Recommended apps for long term projects

For projects that will be worked on slowly over a long period of time, the use of “dashlog – Goal Management Dashboard” is effective.
It is easy to enter data, and you can see at a glance the schedule and progress until the goal is achieved.

While it is possible to manage multiple tasks, it should be noted that there is no notification function, so you have to check it spontaneously.

Recommended apps for organizing your thoughts

Grid ToDo Lite – Goal Achievement Sheet” is an application recommended for organizing your thoughts in various work situations.

It is used to fill in a colorful 72-square sheet with things to do and things you want to do in order to achieve your goals.

The feature of this sheet is that you can clarify what you need to do by writing down everything that comes to your mind around the goal you have set.

While it is possible to prioritize tasks and prevent task omissions, it should be noted that this app also does not have a notification function.

Recommended apps for task management

Other apps are also capable of task management, but if you want to focus on task management, we recommend “To-Do List with Reminder“.

It reminds you of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks with a notification function, so you can prevent missing tasks.

You can also check the uncompleted tasks at a glance, which will be helpful in preventing unfinished tasks. There is also a function that allows you to be notified repeatedly every day and reset the checked items every time the date changes.

Note, however, that this app is only available for iOS, so Android users will not be able to use it.

Recommended app for team goal management

Today” is a goal-achieving app that is recommended for managing goals not only for individuals but also for teams. Today is being used not only by companies but also by sports teams to manage their goals.

Today is used not only by companies but also by sports teams to manage their goals. The feature of this app is that it allows users to set activity plans and target values that are important for the process of achieving goals, and to check the progress by entering daily activity records.

The system is suitable for managing the goals of the entire team, as it allows managers to collectively monitor the progress of each employee.

If you want to share your progress within your company, Goalous is the way to go!

Many goal-achieving apps are designed for individuals, and it is difficult to share the progress “with all members” even if it is for a team.

If only the manager keeps track of it, or if each employee uses a different app for personal use, the entire company will not be able to share the status of goal achievement.

There are also many cases where people use multiple apps, many of which specialize in specific functions.

Goalous will help you manage your progress Goalous has all the features you need to manage the progress of your project, including task management and communication with members. .

One of the advantages is that by unifying the entire company into one app rather than using multiple functions at the discretion of individuals, it is easier to manage the entire company.

Also, Goalous. Colorkrew, the company that developed and runs Goalous, is actively hosting free webinars on ways and means of goal management.

Colorkrew is actively hosting free webinars on goal management methods and tools, including how to effectively use goal-achievement apps and how to improve your achievement rate through goal management.

For more information on Colorkrew’s webinars, please visit here


There are many goal-achievement apps out there, but if each employee is using a different one, it becomes difficult to manage the team or company as a whole.

If you want to track and manage the progress of your projects through the use of goal-achieving apps, why not consider introducing the use of the business-oriented apps introduced here to everyone in your company?