Is it better to have an abstract vision or a concrete one?

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I’m going for it.

This is an abstract vision. It is called “the thing. Isao Okawa (1926-2001), the founder of ISAO, is said to have said only “Oh” in the sense of “Bring me a pen.

The abstract world requires a high level of intelligence.

To understand the abstract world, intelligence is required. You need to comprehensively judge the time and situation, the expression on ISAO’s face, the tone of his voice, the weather, the temperature, etc., to know what “Oh” means, and to be able to react correctly. It’s hot outside, so we’d better go somewhere close by. It’s hot outside, so we’d better go somewhere close by. By the way, do you know a good Chinese restaurant nearby?

On the other hand, if you make a specific request, it requires little complex thinking to react. Your options are limited. Just do as you are told.

In this case, you can see that it took intelligence to understand abstract language.

The more specific you make it, the more constant the interpretation becomes.

In the business world, the word “concretely” is often touted. People who can’t understand anything without being specific are the ones who cost a lot of money to communicate with, but I can’t help it. But I can’t help it. I often want to just say, “Oh. I think it’s better to encourage the other person’s independence.

(A) Some kind of sweet fruit

(B) A sweet citrus fruit called mandarin orange, which usually refers to the Chinese tangerine

The linguistic representation in B is by far the least interpretable. In other words, many people will be able to imagine “those oranges”. For example, when you ask someone to do the shopping, if you tell them in A, they won’t know what you are going to buy. There is a huge misinterpretation.

As you can see, embodiment skills are useful in situations where you need to communicate accurately to others.

Is it better to be specific in your vision?

As I have mentioned before, a vision is an imagination of the future. It can be described as “what you want to be in the future. Let me give you an example. The higher up you go, the more abstract it is.

<This side is abstract


Become a good company.

Become the most dynamic company in Japan.

Become a company with annual sales of 1 trillion yen

Become a company with an operating income of 10 billion yen per month

Become a company with monthly sales of 100 billion yen and operating profit of 10 billion yen with service aaa in division A

<This side is more specific>

As mentioned earlier, the more specific you make it, the narrower the range of interpretation becomes. This means that the range of future possibilities has been narrowed.

What is important in a vision is whether it becomes a symbolic language that brings about emotional uplift and maintains self-motivation.

Also, the essence of things is often contained in abstract expressions.

(A) This business must be established in the true sense of the word, and be recognized by everyone as the business that will be the future of this company.

(B) The operating profit of this business is to be 1 billion yen/month.

A is full of abstract expressions, but you will feel emotional excitement and essence. The abstract expression expands the range of interpretation for the receiver and allows for various meanings and values to be included. B, on the other hand, is very limited and tasteless, so it is unlikely to elicit much emotional excitement.

Think back and forth between the abstract and the concrete.

The skill to create a vision is to be able to move freely between the abstract and the concrete, and to understand the emotional excitement of human beings. Without this, a person lacks at least the skills to create a vision.

In the previous expression of vision.

Become the most dynamic company in Japan.

It is also possible to think that the most appropriate expression is

In other words, a vision should not be too abstract or too concrete, but should be an expression that can hold excitement for the greatest number of members for a long time.In other words, a vision should not be too abstract or too concrete, but should be an expression that can hold excitement for the greatest number of members for a long time.

Give us an example of what kind of company you want us to be. (Embodiment)

A company with many different races, a company whose services are used by hundreds of millions of people, a company unlike any other.

Now, what are the elements they have in common> (Abstraction)


And also, what are the examples imagined from globalization? (Embodiment)

If you go back and forth between the two, you will find that your thoughts will become deeper and deeper, and there will be no leaks.

As for the vision.

A unique group, spreading its wings to the world.

It could be an expression such as.