It would be a shame not to use the company SNS! Usage rate and future of company SNS

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Within a company, the sales department can easily be directly linked to achieving the company’s goals. That’s why the lack of performance in the sales department would be a serious problem. There are many reasons for the lack of improvement, but one of them is the lack of information sharing.

One of the reasons is the lack of information sharing. In the future, the use of a highly convenient internal SNS should be considered for information communication and sharing. In this article, I will introduce the usage rate of in-house SNS in general companies and its future development, which you should know before introducing in-house SNS.

What is the usage rate of in-house SNS?

In recent years, the use of in-house social networking services has been gaining attention, but how many companies are actually using them? Let’s take a look at the current usage rate of in-house SNS.

The usage rate of in-house SNS is still low

According to a survey by HR Research Institute, the usage rate of SNS as a means of internal communication is only 6%.

(See: HR Research Institute “Survey on Internal Communication” Results Report)

The current situation is that internal social networking services are not widely used in many companies.

The most common method of communication is e-mail. The most common communication method was e-mail, followed by face-to-face. Both of these methods are traditional ways of communicating, and they have one thing in common: they are easier for employees of all ages to understand than internal SNS.

So why is it that the usage rate of internal social networking services is so low even though they make information sharing easier than traditional methods? This is because not many employees are familiar with the functions of an internal SNS.

The generation that uses social networking services on a regular basis can probably adopt an internal social networking service without any problems, but there are many cases where veteran employees and employees in higher positions who are less involved in social networking services are unable to use the functions. This difference in communication methods between generations is the reason why the usage rate of in-house SNS is still low.

Many companies are experiencing communication issues

Apparently, the problem of communication within a company is not closely related to the size of the company. The same HR Research Institute survey found that the majority of companies, both large and small, are experiencing communication issues.

Communication between departments is a particular problem. In addition, the lack of involvement with management and the building of relationships between supervisors and subordinates were also cited as issues by many companies.

When we think of internal communication, we may first think within the departments that are closely related, but the results show that it is not enough to be active only within the departments. If internal reporting, communication and inter-departmental coordination are not carried out well, interference with business operations will be unavoidable.

In addition to this, lack of communication affects individual employees as well, as it is related to increased stress, decreased productivity and increased turnover. Lack of internal communication is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Internal social networking will become increasingly essential in the future

It has been explained earlier that many companies are experiencing communication challenges. To keep up with evolving business styles, approaches other than email and face-to-face meetings will be necessary in the future.

In an era where smooth communication is important

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about reforming the way we work. In a nutshell, work style reform is an effort to improve productivity and the environment in order to meet the needs of diverse work styles.

In line with this work style reform, telework and free address work styles have expanded. These are ways of working that can be tailored to individual needs, such as working from home or using free seats within the company. As a result, employees no longer necessarily need to come to the office. Furthermore, with the introduction of ICT, there is a widespread movement toward more efficient ways of working.

In such a reform of the way of working, one of the issues that comes up in every company is how to communicate. Not only is it important to choose communication methods that suit various work styles, but it is also important to share information smoothly.

Of course, communication with people outside the company is also important, but for a company to grow, it is essential to build relationships through communication among employees within the company. If the goals and information of the company as a whole are not shared, the employees’ sense of purpose will be diluted and it will be difficult for the entire organization to move in the intended direction.

In the future, it will be obvious that communication methods that ensure smooth and reliable information sharing will become more and more important.

Vitalizing communication with internal SNS

Various methods of communication have been developed to meet the needs of the new work style. In-house SNS is one of them.

In-house SNS is the business version of the SNS that has permeated our society, and unlike e-mail, it is characterized by the fact that multiple people can communicate with each other. There is no need to use a set of standardized sentences like in e-mail, and it is possible to communicate casually in simple language.

Because it was originally developed as a communication tool, it is an excellent method for speedy message transmission and community building. If you can use it well, it can be useful as a place to share opinions and information on an equal footing without being influenced by hierarchical relationships within the company.

If communication is activated by the company SNS, it will affect the relationships within the company, and if it moves in the right direction, it will lead to increased productivity.

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With the recent changes in business, such as changes in the way we work, lack of communication is often cited as an issue. Traditional communication methods such as e-mail and face-to-face meetings are not enough to cope with the changes. Although the usage rate is still low, the use of internal SNS should be included as one of the communication methods for future development.