Is it often power harassment to teach someone who can’t do the job? What are the proper training methods?

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Do you ever get frustrated when dealing with people who are not good at their jobs? Especially when dealing with subordinates, your tone of voice may become harsh. When you give attention or guidance to a person who is not good at his or her job, you should be concerned about whether it is a form of power harassment.

What kind of guidance is considered to be power harassment? In this article, we will introduce concrete examples of guidance that can easily become power harassment, as well as tips on how to avoid excessive guidance.

Guidance to subordinates that can easily become power harassment

Power harassment refers to the use of one’s position on the job to inflict physical or mental pain on subordinates. Even if the person giving guidance is not aware of power harassment, the following guidance, for example, is likely to be perceived as power harassment.

Irritating responses and sarcasm

Expressing frustration over a subordinate’s mistake or saying something that sounds like sarcasm even if it is meant as a joke is considered power harassment. This can make it difficult for subordinates to ask questions and prevent them from reporting and communicating properly.

Denial of character or reprimand in front of others

Words that deny one’s personality or reprimands in the presence of colleagues can hurt the pride of the subordinate. This attitude is also judged as power harassment because of the possibility of psychological load.

Taking a subordinate’s work

It is also power harassment to take away a subordinate’s work and make him do only simple tasks, for example, to make him quit. The subordinate does not grow forever and loses more and more confidence because he does not see his own need in the workplace. Nevertheless, it is also power harassment to give a subordinate too much work that he or she is not capable of doing.

Monitoring the work

Even if the purpose is management, it is also power harassment to keep monitoring the work. This is because subordinates cannot concentrate on their work and feel stressed.

Tips for coaching subordinates who are not good at their work

Although we have discussed examples of power harassment, there may be some behaviors that you may have thought were within the scope of guidance. However, there may be some behaviors that you thought were within the scope of guidance. You need to be aware that what your supervisor considers to be guidance may be power harassment to your subordinates.

Here are some tips on how to educate and guide subordinates who are not good at their jobs so that they do not become power harassers.

Understand what the problem is

Before giving guidance to subordinates who are not good at their jobs, have you ever thought about the real reasons why they are not able to do their jobs well? It is important for supervisors to support their subordinates, give them jobs that they seem to be good at, and work with them according to the reasons why they cannot do their jobs.

It is easier to grasp the essential problem when you break it down, whether the inability to work is due to lack of skills, lack of experience, lack of motivation, or lack of concentration on personal matters.

Speak to them often

Even if a person is not able to do his or her job, it does not mean that he or she is not able to do the entire sequence of work, but there must be areas that he or she is good at and areas that he or she is not good at. In order to be able to provide appropriate guidance, the work should be broken down into multiple steps.

For each step, check the progress frequently and give advice as needed to make the work easier for the subordinate.

If there is a problem in the course of work, guidance is necessary, but the supervisor should not become emotional and raise his or her voice.

If you show negative emotions or yell, your subordinate will become defensive and not ask any more questions. The inability to work will not go away forever.

In order to avoid power harassment, pay attention to problems calmly. Even if you are frustrated, it is necessary to calm down.

Communication with subordinates is important

Are you ignoring your subordinates just because they can’t do their jobs? Continuously ignoring them is not only a form of power harassment, but it also hinders the growth of subordinates and the relationship between supervisors and subordinates. Communication with subordinates is necessary in order to solve various problems.

Problems can be avoided

If you think that your subordinates are not good at their jobs, you should make sure that you communicate with them.

If you can communicate with your subordinates on a regular basis, they will be more likely to consult with their superiors when something goes wrong. The sooner a subordinate can consult with his or her supervisor, the sooner the problem can be avoided before it gets out of hand.

Also, praising good deeds and actions will help motivate subordinates. It is important not to refrain from communicating with your subordinates because you cannot do the job, but to communicate with them because you cannot do the job.

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Excessive language and behavior toward subordinates who are not good at their jobs can be considered power harassment. However, this does not mean that not confronting subordinates will only leave the problem unresolved. Communication is essential in order to make an organization that can include people who cannot do their jobs.

We will need to review our communication methods, including how we communicate with each other.