Seminar for students [What is team building that can cut the start dash? ] I tried to hold

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I’m Ichiki, a mid-career employee in my second year at Colorkrew, and I’m working on sales activities around Goalous!

This time, I gave a seminar on “How to build a team that can make a dash for the start” to the students who just started a team at the beginning of the new year due to a connection with a customer. I’d like to share with you the content of the seminar.

This time, I’d like to tell you about it!

What is a captain? What it takes to make a good team

This seminar was held in collaboration with the University Sports Channel (DSC), a company that mainly provides job hunting support for athletic students and helps them find jobs while communicating the purpose and goals of club activities to students.

Incidentally, our encounter with DSC started when we responded to a direct mail, and after a series of meetings, we came to have a relationship to jointly hold seminars.

We will continue to hold seminars on a regular basis, so if you are interested, please check back!

Now that I’m off topic, let me get back to the main topic.

The main participants this time were third year university captains and students who play some kind of role in club activities.

The main participants this time were third-year university captains and students who have some kind of role in club activities. We asked them in advance about the problems and struggles of captains, and their concerns were as follows

What is a good team?
There is no communication from teammates.
There is too much information available.
I don’t know where to start when I am asked to be a captain.

Knowing their concerns beforehand, the seminar focused on the following two points: “What is the role of a captain?

What is the role of a captain?

First of all, I told the audience that the role of a captain in my opinion is to help your teammates grow.

In order to do that, the most important thing for captains to know is the fact that most teammates, although they all want to succeed, most of them don’t really think about how to achieve it.

In other words, sending out messages such as “Think for yourself” or “You’ve got it! It is impossible to support the growth of each team member 100% by saying things like “Think for yourself” or “You’re in charge!

Since supporting the growth of teammates is a major role of the captain, it is important for the captain to think about the process of how to achieve each individual goal together, simplify it, and organize it in a way that makes it easy to act on a daily basis.

The Importance of Feedback

As mentioned above, I told my teammates that the role of the captain is to work with them individually on the process of how to achieve in order to support their growth.

However, there is one more important thing to support growth, and that is feedback.

There are three points that captains should pay attention to as tips for feedback as follows.

-Tell your teammates directly about their progress towards their goals and activities.
-Give specific advice based on their activities.
-It should be positive and not detract from the teammate’s motivation.

The most important thing for the captain to focus on is whether or not the person receiving the feedback is taking the next action based on the feedback.

If this next action has been taken, then the feedback was appropriate.

In other words, the reason why you feel that your teammates are not moving, not changing, or their growth is slowing down is most likely a problem with the captain’s feedback.

If this is the case, I believe that simply reviewing your own feedback first would be a step toward supporting your teammates’ growth.

Some teammates may still not move…

Some of you may say, “Some teammates still won’t budge.
In such cases, there are three possibilities.

There is a possibility that you have too much information.
Some of your teammates may be stuck with too much information. Let’s help them get their heads around it!

Lack of frequency of follow-up
Some teammates may feel that the frequency of feedback is too low? Increase the frequency of contact!

Negative thinking
People fall into negative thinking more than we think, so let’s always give them a positive change!


The most important part of the captain’s role is to work with each individual on the process of how to achieve the goal, and to provide appropriate feedback.
These are not things that are easy to act on, even if you understand them as knowledge.

In this seminar, we taught the students “What is the role of a captain” and “The importance of feedback”, but we will continue to hold seminars on various topics on a regular basis, so if you are interested, please join us.