New Home and Circle

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Goalous has been significantly updated

Home is now a two-column structure, making it simpler to use. It’s more intuitive to feel your progress than ever before.

Circle has a whole new feature: a home page that shows only unread posts. It’s a home page that shows only unread posts. Now you can check all the unread posts by just scrolling became.

New Home

Home is now two columns instead of three. Also, the KR list has been moved from the right side to the left side. This makes it look cleaner and easier to recognize information, and also makes it easier to navigate in Goalous. The major item, KR, is now in sight.

Also, in the KR list, you can now feel the progress of the past week or so. In the action posts, you can see the progress of the action. In each case, the progress is shown in a uniform red color.

Progress plays a very important role in motivating people. It’s important to make people feel that they’re making progress often, and Goalous Team is here to help. Pay attention, so you can feel more progress! This improvement has been implemented.

Circle Top, where only unread posts can be read

The home page of Circle now shows posts you haven’t read yet It was. This is one of the most useful features you’ll ever see.

As a result, the circles list has become less important, so we’ve placed it on the right side of the page.
This means that when you visit a circle page, you can now simply scroll down the page to read what’s new.

The top of the circle is organized as shown below.
Your unread posts will appear at the top, and below that all your read posts will be listed in chronological order. You can now access the information you want to see more efficiently.

New public circles created by other team members can now be recognized by a red badge.

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