What is MBO? Explaining the purpose and advantages and disadvantages of adopting it

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There are many issues related to personnel evaluation in telework.

If you are in a position to evaluate your subordinates as a supervisor and you are unable to resolve these issues, you may end up with a variety of negative effects, such as items that cannot be evaluated or differences in evaluation among employees.

So what are the issues in personnel evaluation under telework, and what should be improved to solve them?

In this article, I will introduce the points you need to know in order to conduct appropriate personnel evaluation even under telework.

What are the challenges of personnel evaluation in telework?

I don’t know the work attitude of my employees.
The material for judgment required for personnel evaluation is not only the results, but also the employee’s attitude toward the work, including the process and approach.

However, it is difficult to get an accurate grasp of employees’ work attitudes and approaches to work when they are working via telework.

According to the “Survey on Telework and Personnel Evaluation” conducted by Ashita-no-team, Inc., the number one reason why people find personnel evaluation under telework difficult is because they cannot see the work attitude.

Source: “Survey on Telework and Personnel Evaluation,” a research release by Tomorrow’s Team, Inc.

If you can’t see the working attitude of your subordinates, you won’t know their attitude and approach to work, which will make evaluation difficult.

Disparate evaluation methods and standards

Without a common evaluation method and standard, the evaluation will be left to the discretion of the manager who conducts the evaluation, and the evaluation will vary from employee to employee.

For example, some may emphasize deliverables, while others may emphasize process.

If telework is introduced only in some departments or industries rather than in the entire company, process-oriented evaluation standards may disadvantage telework employees whose work attitude is difficult to see.

Lack of communication

One of the challenges in conducting personnel evaluations under telework is the lack of communication.

During telework, face-to-face communication is extremely limited. There will be fewer conversations other than business communication.

This may lead to a decline in teamwork, as managers may not be able to give good instructions, and subordinates may not be able to help their subordinates even if they are in trouble because they are unaware of their surroundings. This can lead to a decline in teamwork, as work does not progress as expected and motivation declines.

Advantages and disadvantages of MBO

This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of MBO.

Merits of MBO

Disadvantages of MBO.
It is meaningless if the goals are not appropriate.
Since MBO mainly focuses on self-management, the setting and management of goals is strongly left up to the individual. If the supervisor does not manage well, the goals may be meaningless to the company.

This is especially true when MBO is emphasized in personnel evaluation. Some employees may set low goals because they will be able to receive high evaluations while managing themselves.

If the goals are not set appropriately, the employees will not be motivated and the growth of the company will be slow.

There is a possibility of being too tied to the goals.
The benefits of MBO will not be realized if employees are too bound by the goals set in MBO. Even though the goals are not binding in nature, with the addition of personnel evaluations, people will be eager to achieve them, and they may become like quotas.

Supervisors should be aware of this so that they do not proceed in the wrong direction.

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Since the collapse of the bubble economy, MBO has been adopted in Japan in connection with personnel evaluations. MBO is not a personnel evaluation, but rather a management approach aimed at maintaining the self-management skills and motivation of individuals.

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