Team Management: Tips for Improving Performance through Goal Management

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Some of you may be having trouble setting goals and managing among members.
If management goes wrong, it can be dangerous because it can have a negative impact on the entire business.

However, if you don’t know the right way to manage, it is difficult to be effective. In this article, I will introduce some tips on how to set and manage goals.

Benefits of goal management in team management

In team management, it is good to use goal management. Let’s take a look at three benefits of goal management.

A clear goal makes it easier to achieve results

If vague or wrong goals are set, the team can lose direction or go in the wrong direction. In some cases, the company may not even have set goals.

The advantage of using goal management in team management is that such vague or wrong goals are eliminated. When clear goals are set, it becomes easier to formulate plans and mid-term goals to achieve them.

In other words, it will be easier to achieve results because people will be able to think about what actions are appropriate to take to achieve them.

Improving and maintaining team members’ motivation

Adopting goal management in team management will also positively affect the motivation of team members. If they are able to set appropriate goals, they will have a sense of responsibility for the goals and will be able to take initiative in their actions, thinking, “If I do this, I will get closer to my goals.

The more autonomy they have, the better their individual performance will be. Having an environment where employees are always aware of their goals will also help them manage their motivation, such as improving and maintaining their motivation.

It is also a great benefit for the company to increase employee motivation and autonomy. More employees will be motivated to work harder, which will lead to better performance and other positive results.

Be able to grasp the progress

The clearer the goal is through goal management, the easier it will be to track progress. By making the progress visible, the members can judge whether the situation is OK or needs recovery until the goal is achieved.

If things are not going as planned, they can take action at an early stage, such as revising the plan or rescheduling if necessary. Another advantage of setting goals is that it makes it easier to adjust work according to progress and prevent wasting time and money.

The ability to monitor progress is also beneficial for personnel evaluation. This is because it is possible to evaluate not only the achievement of the goal, but also the progress toward the goal and the process by looking at the progress.

Since personnel evaluations can be made from various perspectives and not just based on results, evaluations can be made more fairly. By incorporating progress and process through goal setting, we can expect to improve personnel evaluation.

Set goals for your team members! How to manage them?

Managers, such as team leaders and managers, are often asked to manage. And if you do not manage properly, you may lose the trust of your subordinates. First of all, let’s start with some tips on how to manage.

Set goals so that all members’ goals are integrated into the team’s goals

In order to manage, it is necessary to set goals so that each member’s goal is connected to the team’s goal.
For example, if the goal of a sales team of 10 people is to increase sales by 50 million yen over the previous year, each member should set a goal that leads to that goal.

Some examples of goals to set for each employee are

“I will sell to X number of customers per day.

To create X number of customers in their 20s.

These are just a few examples. If any member sets a goal that is far from the team’s goal, the manager needs to guide them to the appropriate goal.
This is because there is a risk that the member will run off in a different direction.

The manager should ask the member why he or she set the goal, and then work with the member to change the course of the goal, which will bring the manager closer to the member. It is also important to check in with the team members on their goals and progress each time, as this will increase the unity within the team.

Include positive elements that will benefit the members, and don’t make them think that the goal is just a quota to be met

If the members think that the goal is just a quota, their motivation may drop, so be sure to include a positive element for them.

For example

For example, “I will talk to ____ people a day to reduce my shyness.

If you set a goal such as, “I will complete my monthly journal entry and closing work in X days so that I can master the accounting work and run the business in the future.

If you set goals such as “I will talk to X number of people a day” or “I will complete monthly journal entries and closing of accounts in X number of days so that I can master accounting work and run the business in the future,” the motivation of the members will change because it includes the background after setting and achieving the goal.

It is also an important task for managers to think together about goals that will lead to the career development of each member.

Tools to help you manage your goal setting

Some readers may feel that managing goal setting is troublesome. Indeed, it is a difficult task for managers to set goals for each member.

If you are one of those people, I recommend using a tool (app) on your computer or smartphone to help you manage and make progress in your work. Finally, let me introduce the advantages of using tools.

Advantages of using tools

There are two main advantages of using tools.

Easier management

Tools make management easier because they allow you to manage everything at once.
Nowadays, there are tools that can be used on smartphones.

There is no need to write down goals on Excel, whiteboards, or bulletin boards when you can share information on your smartphone. As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can check the information shared within the group.

Reducing the amount of time spent on management will allow you to focus on your own work and reduce overtime hours. It will also allow you to have more time for your personal life.

Less likely to leak information to outsiders

If you fill out a whiteboard, there is a risk of information leaking to the outside world and causing a huge loss to the company. However, if you use a tool, there is almost no risk of information leaking to the outside world because the information is exchanged within the computer/phone.

What tools are available?

Goalous is an internal social network that allows you to achieve your goals in a fun way.

You can set your own goals

You can set goals not only for your team, but also for each member. Goalous, you can see what goals everyone has set. It also has a message function so that members can communicate with each other easily.

You can see your daily actions and evaluate them

Some people may be satisfied with just setting a goal.
Goalous allows you to post daily photos of the actions you have taken to achieve your goals. People who see the actions can comment and “like” them in real time, which is effective in maintaining motivation.

Score and evaluation is also possible

After setting goals for the members, managers need to evaluate whether they have achieved them at the end of the term.
However, some managers are so busy with their own work that they do not pay attention to their subordinates’ performance, and when the time for evaluation comes, they may rush to check their work with them.

Goalous allows you to post daily about what actions you are taking to achieve your goals, so you can see the progress of your members without even being aware of it. You can see the progress of your members without even being aware of it.

At the end of the term, you can see all the actions related to the goal, so you can check not only the results but also the process of the challenge.
As a result, they will be able to make appropriate evaluations. If members can receive appropriate evaluations, morale in the company will also improve.

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Goal setting and management are indispensable tasks, but spending too much time on management can interfere with other tasks.
It is important to consider how to improve efficiency.