[Must see for HR]How to make onboarding a success even when working from home

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This is Shibako from Goalous editorial department.

What makes me happy when I work as a recruiter is to see the people who have joined our company working lively and being active. For this reason, one of the important jobs of human resources is to provide support to new employees so that they can immediately demonstrate their abilities in a new environment.

Recently, however, I have been working from home due to the influence of Corona, and the opportunities to talk to people directly and see how they are doing in the office have been greatly reduced.

So, more than ever before, HR needs to follow up with new hires to see how they are doing.

With Goalous, you can do that.

So this time, I would like to introduce you to onboarding using Goalous.

3 Steps to Onboarding with Goalous

Step 1: Set goals from what they should be

The first step is to explain to the new employee the culture that the company values and the milestones that are expected of them. Then, we work with them to create onboarding goals that will help them achieve those milestones. (By the way, I have them create business-related goals with project members.)

For example, at our company, we have set the ideal state of our employees after six months as “to experience success in their own way while maintaining our culture of “Clarity, Stay Uncomfortable, and Comradery”.

In onboarding, we place particular emphasis on embodying the culture, so we have the employees set the goal by translating this into their own words.

In addition, we will also set the KR in concrete numbers.

Step 2: Track Action Posts

Once you have their goals and KR in place, let them post more and more activities.

At first, many people feel anxious about the content of their posts because they are not used to it. In order to get rid of this and have them enjoy using Goalous, it is important to be responsive. People are happy when they get a response.

If you follow Goalous, you will be notified when an activity is posted, so be sure to react by liking or commenting on it.

By following the actions, you can keep track of the activities of the people who have joined, and by reacting, you can motivate them.

Step 3: Linking Goalous to the outside world

The last step is to expand the communication within Goal to the outside world.

For example, what do you do if you have a problem or a new idea? Linking Goalous posts to real-world communication will greatly deepen the relationship.

While remote work communication is efficient because it tends to be biased towards work content, it is difficult to expand the relationship. This is quite a critical issue for new employees.

By using Goalous, as I said, you can connect new employees with existing employees. You can also have an opportunity to talk to them by saying, “I’ve seen that post on Goalous.

By linking the inside of Goalous with the outside world, it is possible to promote communication between new and existing employees.


If you let your new employees set goals in Goalous, you can observe them regularly through action posts.

Motivating them by reacting well to their posts and helping them develop relationships in the real world is what people around them should be doing.

If you are in human resources or are about to welcome a new colleague, please take these tips into consideration.

If you can make them feel the fun of making progress on their goals and the benefits of Goalous, they will continue to use Goalous spontaneously to move closer to their goals.

This way, you can continue to track and support their actions even when they are online.

In this article, I told you about onboarding using Goalous.

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