Motivate your employees! How to write a personnel evaluation and examples

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Appropriate evaluations of performance and effort are important for companies, as they can have a wide range of effects, including increased employee engagement and reduced turnover.

In this article, we will discuss how to write personnel evaluations and the points to keep in mind. In this article, I will introduce how to write personnel evaluations, points to note, and examples for each industry.

How to Write a Personnel Evaluation

Purpose of Personnel EvaluationThe purpose of a personnel evaluation is to assess the skills and contributions of employees in order to determine personnel treatment related to salary, promotion, etc..

It has a role similar to that of a general personnel evaluation, and it is not uncommon for some companies to treat it in the same way as a personnel evaluation.

What makes personnel evaluation different from personnel assessment is that it implies an objective evaluation of abilities in order to determine treatment such as salary and promotion.

In the case of a personnel evaluation, the work processes and performance are evaluated, but in a personnel evaluation, the ability aspect is also taken into consideration.

Appropriate personnel evaluations can help prevent employee dissatisfaction, so it is important to clearly define the evaluation criteria for personnel evaluations.

Points to keep in mind when writing personnel evaluations

Here are some points to keep in mind when writing a personnel evaluation. There are three evaluation axes in a personnel evaluation, and the employee’s abilities are evaluated from each perspective.

Performance evaluation
Performance evaluation is the evaluation of an employee’s achievements and processes within a certain period of time.

Ability evaluation
An evaluation of an employee’s abilities, such as the ability to complete a difficult task or to respond quickly to a problem.
Emotional evaluation
Evaluating the employee’s work attitude, communication style, and approach to work. This is sometimes called “behavioral effectiveness” or “work attitude evaluation.

It is important to write evaluations from these three perspectives in a way that motivates employees.

You want to present convincing content with the background and circumstances that led to the evaluation, as well as an evaluation that can be viewed positively.

Examples of personnel reviews and evaluation points for each job category

Here are some examples of personnel evaluations and evaluation points for each job category.

Sales staff

in order to improve the quality of personnel evaluations for sales personnel, it would be a good idea to include information on competence evaluations and emotional evaluations.

We want to evaluate not only performance but also abilities such as the way they approach their work and the way they talk to others, as well as points that are not visible as numerical values.

Example of a personnel evaluation for a salesperson
The figure of 123% compared to the previous year is unprecedentedly excellent, and the fact that you were able to share your know-how with your team members and achieve 105% sales performance for the entire team is highly commendable.

However, there were some delays in delivery due to a lack of coordination with the inventory management department, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to increase future losses and improve satisfaction with existing customers.

Planning position

Planning positions need to be evaluated not only for their ability to come up with planning ideas, but also for their negotiation and communication skills. In addition, it would be good to mention the ability to grasp the market situation, such as the ability to analyze data accurately.

Example of a personnel evaluation for a planning position
In cooperation with the public relations department, you drew attention on social networking sites and gained a market share that exceeded 200% from the previous year.

The market strategy proposed by the PR department, which focused on SNS instead of TV commercials, was also significant in that it was able to convince the PR department with its excellent presentation.

The proposal based on data analysis, including the large number of target teenage SNS users and the proposal for photo-worthy packaging, was remarkable. In the future, I would like to focus on managing the progress of the members and expect to speed up the task processing by following up with my subordinates.

Office Workers

Personnel evaluations for clerical staff are difficult to visualize because there are no concrete performance figures like for sales staff. For this reason, it is best to evaluate daily work performance and skills.

Example of a personnel evaluation for an administrative position
The decision to go digital in order to improve the efficiency of 00 operations, which had been managed using analog technology, is highly commendable. Although there was a workload associated with the transition to digitalization, the speed of the office work of 00 has improved dramatically since the transition.

However, despite the remarkable ability to improve operational efficiency and task processing speed, the fact that it often takes time to respond to inquiries from other departments is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Key points for writing effective personnel reviews

The key to writing effective personnel evaluations is to avoid making evaluations based on preconceived ideas and subjectivity. It is important to conduct a fair evaluation based on objective evidence.

However, it is difficult to determine what kind of information can be reflected in personnel evaluations as objective evidence.

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It is important to note that how to write personnel evaluations varies by industry and department. What they all have in common is how to motivate subordinates, and it is necessary to include both evaluation and task presentation.

In addition to objective performance results and accomplishments, we want to be able to appropriately evaluate what role they have played in the organization.