What are the goals that new employees should set? Here’s how to set them and some examples!

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New employees who have just joined a company need to be encouraged to set goals for various aspects of their work and career plans. This is because setting goals will help them grow by clarifying their daily work and the skills they need to acquire now.

In this article, we will discuss how to set goals for new employees, points to pay attention to, and examples of goal setting.

Three points to keep in mind when setting goals for new employees

When setting goals for new employees, there are a few points that need to be kept in mind. Even if goals are set, they will not lead to growth if they are not linked to actions to achieve them.

Here are three points to keep in mind when setting goals for new employees.

Set numerical goals

The most important point in setting goals is to set concrete goals with numerical values. Abstract goals do not clarify the goal, and if the goal is not clear, it is difficult to imagine the process to achieve it.

By setting goals with numerical values, you will be able to judge the degree of achievement at this point in time, which will make it easier for you to take action on what you need to do now.

In addition to quantifying the goals, it is also more effective to set a time frame for achieving the goals.

“This will make it easier for you to set a clear goal of what you need to do by when and to what extent. One of the most important points in setting goals is to link them to actions.

Set goals that you think you can achieve

It is also a good idea to set goals that are achievable and within the reach of the new employee’s efforts. This is because when you set a goal that is too high, the difficulty in achieving it may lead to a loss of motivation.

On the other hand, a goal that is easily attainable may discourage employees from making efforts and improving their own skills.

We want to set goals that are within the range of what we can achieve with our future growth and efforts so that we can “work towards our goals.

Superiors and senior employees give advice

It is also effective for supervisors and senior employees to give advice to new employees on their goals.

This is because the new employee’s goals should be set in line with the team’s goal setting. Achieving the goals of one employee will help the entire team achieve their goals.

Objective judgments from superiors and senior employees will be indispensable in clarifying what role the new employee is expected to play in the team.

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Specific examples of goals that new employees should set

Here are some concrete examples of goals that new employees should set. The following are some examples of goals that new employees should set.

Take over senior staff’s work by the end of the day

When setting goals for clerical staff, it is a good idea to set goals that will expand the range of tasks that the new employee can take on by themselves, such as “take over senior staff’s duties by the end of the day.

If there is a wide range of tasks to be learned, it is effective to set a deadline for when each task should be learned.

It is a good idea to check the degree of achievement of the goal each time, and have the employee work toward achieving the goal, emphasizing not only speed but also accuracy.

Visit 0 new customers and obtain 0 contracts in 1 month

When setting goals for salespeople, it is a good idea to include numerical values in the goals, such as “visit 0 new customers in 1 month and obtain 0 contracts.

By quantifying your goals, it will be easier to see how much you have achieved, which will motivate you to say, “I can achieve this goal in just 0 more visits.

It is also helpful to check the progress of the goal frequently and set numerical values when giving advice on what should be done to achieve the goal.

It is also helpful to set numerical targets so that subordinates can clearly see what specific actions they should take.

Ask a question or make a statement at least 0 times in a meeting or conference

If you are a planner or have the opportunity to speak in front of employees, it is also effective to set a goal to “ask questions or make comments at least 0 times at meetings or conferences.

Even new employees who are not good at speaking up in front of a large group of employees will be motivated to speak up if they think it is to achieve the goal.

It will also help them not to be buried among the other employees and appeal to their own presence.

However, in order to speak up, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the business and the vision of the company. If you can encourage your subordinates to study the contents of their work and the company’s vision, and if they are able to think for themselves, they will grow as employees by achieving their goals.

Obtain certification in ____ by October

“It is also effective to set a goal such as, “I will obtain a certification by October.

Especially for professionals who need to acquire skills, setting a clear goal of certification will encourage new employees to plan and study on their own.

It is also important that employees who are in a position to manage the organization as a team, such as supervisors and senior employees, provide support in setting goals.

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It is good for new employees to set their goals with advice from their supervisors and senior employees, rather than having them set them alone.

As they strive to achieve their goals, they will acquire a variety of skills, which will expand the range of tasks they can be entrusted with.