What are the four competencies required for sales management and what is needed to achieve the objectives?

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In the world of sales, where numbers are so important, some managers may wonder if they are doing a good job of managing. What is sales management in the first place? In order to review the current management, let’s check the correct knowledge of sales management once again.

What is sales management? What is its purpose?

Let’s start by looking at the basics of what sales management is.

What is sales management?

In order to achieve results, an organization needs sales management that manages the entire organization and enables members to move appropriately.

Purpose of sales management

Sales management is an important part of sales activities. Sales management, for example, has the following objectives

To carry out the mission of the organization
Enable members to demonstrate their abilities
Create an environment in which individual goals can be achieved.
Improve the overall performance of the organization.

Main duties of sales management

The following is an introduction to the main duties of sales management, specifically what they do.

Manage goals

Simply selling and reporting the results is not enough to improve sales performance. The first and most important process in sales management is the management of goals.

Set goals that you want to achieve for the entire sales force and assign them to individual members. After assigning goals to members, it is important to further refine the goals on a monthly, weekly, daily, etc. basis. By setting detailed goals, it becomes clear what needs to be accomplished by when.

Manage your actions

After setting goals, manage the behavior of salespeople so that they can take appropriate actions toward the goals. The purpose of this is to quantify and analyze the actions in each process. For example, if you make new visits, you should take stock of your sales activities and quantify them, such as 30 visits per month.

By quantifying each process, it will be easier to understand whether the number of new visits is low, the number of effective negotiations is low, or where the problem lies. By quantifying each process, it will be easier to see where the problem lies, whether it is a low number of new visits or a low number of effective negotiations.

Manage your deals

Another important role of a manager is to think about the process to closing a deal, such as how to draw out the concerns of a potential customer or when to make a proposal.

Since customer acquisition is not only a short-term process, but also a long-term approach is sometimes necessary, managers need to manage deals from a medium- to long-term perspective.

In addition to leaving the customer service to the person in charge, it may be necessary for the manager to go along with the person in charge and work to win the case.

In addition, it is not uncommon for one person to have multiple projects in progress and to be responsible for multiple projects. In the case management, it is necessary to check how many cases the person in charge has and how the progress is.

Manage Motivation

Motivation management is also an important process in sales management. Poor sales motivation can lead to poor sales performance and customer trust. Managers will need to manage their sales team members to keep them motivated.

However, even if you call on them to stay motivated, motivation is not something that can be easily raised, and it is difficult for individuals to maintain a high level of motivation. It is important in motivation management that managers take the initiative in talking to their employees and communicating with them.

Four Competencies Required for Sales Management

What skills do we need to have in order to properly manage sales? Here are four skills that you should have.

Ability to think in terms of numbers

Sales management often involves making decisions based on numbers, such as sales, history, and costs. Therefore, the ability to think things through numbers is required.

Decision-making ability

Sales management requires the ability to make decisions. Decision-making ability is the ability to make precise decisions with a strong will.

Business is a series of decisions. They range from small decisions to large ones, but if you make a decision too late, you may miss a business opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to have the ability to make decisions quickly when necessary.

In particular, speed is important in sales activities, so making quick and accurate decisions will affect sales management.

In addition, just making a decision is not enough to motivate others. The ability to take action with a strong will and to lead the team is also necessary.

Communication skills

Communication with the team members is essential for sales management to enhance the sales ability of the entire team.

This is because it is necessary to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes of each individual member in order to support them and improve their overall sales ability.

Communication is also important for building a relationship of trust with members and boosting the team as a whole.

Sales managers need to have the communication skills to not only communicate with the members, but also to respect their values and autonomy while providing them with appropriate guidance.

Evaluation skills

In sales management, the ability to evaluate is one of the most important skills. Evaluation ability refers to the ability to evaluate correctly and fairly from an objective point of view.

Particularly important is an evaluation that can determine the appropriateness of the members and motivate them.

In the sales department, there are some members who do not get results easily, but it is the members who do not get results that need to be shown what the problems are and how to improve. As a result, the performance of the entire sales department will improve.

It is not enough to just evaluate, but also to show the basis for the evaluation and give feedback so that the member can improve their work.

How to run sales management efficiently

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Sales management is there to make sales more organized. If sales management is not going well and the performance of the entire team is not improving as expected, one solution would be to introduce a useful tool for management.