Engagement is super important in a company! How to improve business performance

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In every era, there is a need for company management that is needed by society. What is important is to be aware of the atmosphere of the times and to respond to changes. If a company cannot respond, it is unlikely to grow.

There is a concept that is gaining attention from the human resources sector right now. It is the concept of engagement, which refers to the contribution of employees to the company.

Engagement is considered to be the key to responding to the changing times and increasing business performance. It is the power of human resources that will lead a company to success. Let’s take a look at what engagement means, why it is necessary, and how to measure it.

What is Engagement in a Company?

First, let’s talk about engagement in the corporate world.

What is corporate engagement

The word “engagement” means “attachment”, “bond”, “promise” or “contract”. It is a word that indicates a pledge to a particular person, company or brand, just as an engagement ring is called an engagement ring.

There are two types of engagement in corporate activities: customer engagement and employee engagement.

The former is customer engagement.

The former refers to the trust that customers place in a product, service, or company. The latter refers to the relationship that employees have with a company in which they grow together and deepen their bond. In this section, we will focus on “employee engagement”.

The concept of engagement

The concept of engagement has become widespread because the steady economic growth has come to a halt and the old Japanese way of management is no longer viable. The lifetime employment system has collapsed and people are leaving easily.

High turnover rate

Many companies are suffering from high turnover rates and a shortage of human resources. Engagement is expected to be effective in preventing such problems.

The Necessity and Importance of Engagement

Companies with low engagement will see a steady stream of quits from their best people.

The Need for and Importance of Engagement

Companies with low engagement will see their best people leave in droves, because even if they produce results, it is difficult to feel that they are growing.

Engagement can be expected to have the effect of increasing business performance by utilizing people who can perform well. Having highly motivated employees will also boost the morale of the entire workforce.

It can raise the performance of individuals and forge the strength of teams and organizations. In this sense, engagement is becoming more and more important.

The Benefits of Higher Employee Engagement

What exactly are the benefits of higher employee engagement to a company?

From here, we will explain the benefits and effects that companies can gain from higher employee engagement.

Reduced employee turnover

Increased employee engagement has the benefit of reducing employee turnover. This is because, as mentioned earlier, high engagement is also a sign of high attachment and trust in the company.

Employee Engagement

When employees belong to a company with high employee engagement, they are more motivated to continue working for the company. ”

When employees belong to a company with high employee engagement, they are more likely to want to continue working for the company, and they are also more likely to trust each other to support each other with the same goal of contributing to the development of the company.

Building a relationship of trust will create a corporate culture in which it is easy to discuss concerns and worries, making it easier for employees to resolve their problems.

As a result, human relations will become smoother, and the sense of belonging to the company and the psychological value of belonging to the company will increase, which will lead to a decrease in the turnover rate.

Improved employee performance can be expected

Increased employee engagement will also lead to improved employee performance.

In addition, when you work among highly motivated employees, your trust in your co-workers will increase, and teamwork will be smoother. The organization will change into one where employees can help each other to overcome challenges that they cannot overcome alone through teamwork.

As a result, productivity will increase.

As a result, it will be easier for teams to share ideas on how to improve productivity and how to work more efficiently. As more actions are taken to improve the organization, the performance of the entire company will improve, which will ultimately lead to higher business performance.

It leads to customer satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, when employee engagement is high, the motivation for the work they are engaged in is high. Therefore, employees will be able to think and act spontaneously on how to satisfy customers and how to provide high quality services.

Because of this constant improvement and brush-up thinking, we will be able to provide high quality products and services, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

The higher the customer satisfaction, the more loyal customers will become to the company, which will have a positive synergistic effect such as increased sales and profits.

Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement will also have a positive effect on the motivation of employees and “corporate profits” by increasing customer satisfaction.

Aiming to be a highly engaged company

Next, let’s look at some specific ways to become a highly engaged company.

How to assess and measure engagement

In order to find out what improvements are essential to make your company and workplace a place where employees feel happy about their work, why not survey employee engagement? The way to understand the level of engagement is to interview employees about the following items.

Measures of Engagement

Overall Engagement Metrics
  • Measure your overall evaluation of your job, company, and workplace.
  • “Would you recommend your company to an acquaintance, friend, or relative who is looking for a job?”
Engagement level indicator
  • Determine how much “enthusiasm,” “immersion,” and “vitality” you have for your work.
  • “Do you find your work challenging and rewarding?”
Engagement driver indicators
  • Ask questions about “organization” such as relationships, “job” such as difficulty, and “self” such as self-esteem.
  • “Do you understand the strategic goals of the organization as a whole?”

Pick a question for each item and conduct a survey of employees. It is important to not only conduct the survey, but also to guide them to improve their engagement.

Key Points to Increase Engagement

While evaluating and measuring engagement, it is also important to be aware of three points to aim for a higher stage.

1. Instill the vision and philosophy

In what direction is the company going and what does it want to achieve? What is it that you want to accomplish?

Embedded in the company’s vision, mission, policies, philosophies, and goals is the need to instill in employees a deeper understanding of the significance of the company’s existence.

2. Conduct “lateral” management

Until now, the mainstream has been “vertical” management from top management and supervisors to subordinates. In the future, “lateral” management will be required, in which management can take the helm across departments and organizations. Aligning the vectors of organizations with different ideas will be important in leadership.

3. Make the organization a place where evaluations are conducted among employees

Personnel evaluations have been conducted by superiors to their subordinates in an almost one-way fashion. However, by conducting evaluations among employees, multifaceted and objective evaluations will be possible. This will expand the possibility of further demonstrating individual abilities and leading to corporate growth.

The way to effectively realize the three points is to use a system that can be centrally managed. A typical tool for this is an internal SNS.

A typical tool for this is an internal SNS.

With Goalous SNS-type goal management tool developed by Colorkrew Inc, individuals can set their own goals and the organization and team can work together and manage them to achieve them. We hope you will find this useful to improve your engagement.

In addition, Colorkrew also offers free seminars to help you run and manage your organization, including growing and improving engagement.

In order to increase employee engagement, we need to review and improve our organizational management methods, internal environment, and culture from multiple perspectives.

Colorkrew’s free seminar includes tips on organizational management and case studies of successful internal reforms, and we hope you will use it as a reference to manage your organization in a way that leads to corporate growth.

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We have explained the need for employee engagement in companies and how to measure your own engagement.

Even if engagement is low at the moment, it can be improved by following the points. It’s not enough to just increase engagement, it has to be reflected in actual performance. By using the centralized management system well, it will be possible to link it to the results.