5 Recommended Engagement Tools! Thorough comparison of features and functions

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There are probably many people in charge of companies that are troubled by the continued turnover of employees. The reason why many employees seem to be leaving their jobs may be due to low internal engagement.
The introduction of engagement tools is recommended to prevent employee turnover. In this section, we will explain the recommended tools and the features of each tool.

Preventing employee turnover! What are Engagement Tools?

Engagement tools are an effective way to measure engagement.

There are two types of engagement tools: tools to survey employee engagement and tools to increase engagement itself. Of these, the survey tool is the one that allows you to identify problems within your company.

Engagement tools can be expected to have various effects because they are all effective in increasing internal engagement. One example is preventing employee turnover.

Higher engagement leads to stronger employee trust and attachment to the company, which in turn leads to less turnover.

Compare! Features of Engagement Tools

There are a variety of engagement tools available. Here are some of the most popular: wellday, HR OnBoard, Tegalamir, TUNAG, Goalous . The differences between the five tools are as shown in the table below. The differences between the five tools are shown in the table below, and the specific features are described below.


Visualize Engagement! 5 Recommended Tools

Let’s take a look at the features of the recommended engagement tools.


wellday is a tool to survey employee engagement. Its feature is that it can measure engagement in real time by linking it to communication tools such as Slack and Teams.

What makes this real-time survey possible is wellday’s unique AI, which reads the internal text data and stamps flowing through the communication tools and measures engagement scores based on research data and papers.

The key point is that it can immediately determine the engagement score without surveys or interviews. This reduces the burden on managers as they do not have to conduct surveys.

The initial and monthly costs vary depending on the number of employees and the plan, so it is necessary to contact the service provider. It is also easy to use in that it can be measured automatically, but it should be noted that at present it can only be used with Slack and Teams.

HR OnBoard

HR OnBoard is another tool to survey employee engagement. Its feature is an automatically distributed survey. With automatic reminders, it sends out questionnaires at a fixed time every month according to the time of employment. The content of the questionnaire is also predetermined (can be added at will), so there is no need to spend time creating it.

It is also convenient that employees who receive the questionnaire can easily respond to it by pressing a stamp. There is no need to spend a lot of time preparing and answering the survey, which is a bottleneck in engagement surveys.
In addition, the survey not only makes the condition of employees visible, but also provides advice on how to support employees who are at high risk of leaving the company.

As for the cost, up to three employees can use the system for free, but for four or more employees, there is an annual fee of 10,000 yen per employee. The cost becomes heavier depending on the number of employees, so it is important to check well in advance.


By having employees enter their mental weather, the person in charge can see the mental condition of the employees even remotely.

Employees whose engagement is declining can be followed up with on a one-on-one basis through the timeline. There is also an alert function to prevent missed follow-ups, and dedicated consulting support is available. Follow-up services and analysis of employees who have left the company are also available as options.

However, initial and monthly fees are not disclosed on the official website, so you need to inquire about them.


TUNAG is a great tool for increasing internal engagement. It comes with a variety of features to eliminate the “unknowns” that employees have about the company. This includes a profile function, timeline, presentation of internal systems, and messages from the president.

In addition to communication among employees, the management’s thoughts, intentions, and management visions are made visible, so employees can work with peace of mind. It is effective in stimulating internal communication and information sharing, and increasing engagement.

The initial and monthly costs vary depending on the number of employees and other factors, so it is necessary to inquire about them.


Goalous is a tool that helps to increase engagement. One of the main features is the Photocuction function that allows you to visualize the goals and activities of each employee. It is possible to share the status of each employee’s activities and the degree to which they have achieved their goals.

Since employees can easily post or view the progress of their goals and activities on the company SNS, they can immediately grasp the status of each employee. Since the status of activities can be checked at any time, it is easy for members to be inspired by each other, which will lead to increased motivation.

Many engagement tools do not disclose their fees and often require inquiries, but Goalous clearly states its fees, making it easy to understand the cost. It is also easy to grasp the cost.

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What is “Goalous,” the No. 1 goal management tool chosen by managers?


There are two types of engagement tools: those that are suitable for surveys and those that are suitable for increasing engagement. It would be a good idea to introduce each of them according to your company’s situation in terms of purpose and cost.
In order to prevent employees from leaving the company, please try to use tools to effectively improve engagement.