What is a company with high engagement? What do they have in common?

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A company with high employee engagement has many advantages in many ways. These are important ones, including increased productivity and operational efficiency, which can lead to fundamental changes in the company culture.

So what are the characteristics of a company with high employee engagement, and what measures do companies with high engagement take?

In this article, we will discuss the characteristics and examples of measures common to companies with high employee engagement, as well as ways to increase employee engagement.

Characteristics of Companies with High Employee Engagement

Clear vision.
Companies with high employee engagement have a clear vision, and their corporate philosophy, vision for the future, and the direction they are aiming for are well understood by all employees.

When employees empathize with the company’s future vision and corporate philosophy, a sense of unity will be created within the company, and they will be able to find fulfillment in their work.

Evaluation system in place

Companies with high employee engagement have a well-developed evaluation system and are characterized by a fair and quantitative evaluation system that makes it easy to track goals.

Because evaluations are made based on appropriate judgments and evaluation standards are clear, employees are less likely to feel dissatisfied and can maintain high levels of motivation.

Excellent internal communication

Full internal communication is another characteristic of companies with high engagement.

It is said that most of the reasons why employees are stressed out are due to human relations, and a workplace that is open and free of human relations problems will increase employee motivation.

In addition, many people are inspired by their colleagues and superiors about how to tackle their work through good communication.

When communication is fulfilling, communication between each other will be smoother, and the speed of information sharing will also improve.

Case Studies of Companies with High Employee Engagement

Here are some specific examples of what companies with high employee engagement are doing.

Case Study of Company A, which conducts regular surveys of employees

Company A has set up a team dedicated to conducting regular surveys of employees. The team uses the surveys to gather opinions from the frontline and convey them to management for feedback on solutions.

Since there are many new employees joining the company, the survey is also used to permeate and accurately understand the corporate philosophy.

One of the reasons for the positive effects of the system is that we have been able to respond flexibly to the issues highlighted in the questionnaire survey by reviewing the system from the design stage.

Case Study of Company B, which is working on telecommuting options and a leave system

Company B is working to improve employee engagement by introducing telecommuting and a system that allows employees to take three consecutive days of vacation.

One of the features of this system is that it provides an environment that is easy to work in by allowing employees to take time off to refresh themselves and to choose to work from home when they need to concentrate on certain tasks.

In addition, the telecommuting system has since been subdivided and enhanced to include care for family members with health problems and for pregnant women.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

What specific methods do we need to adopt to increase employee engagement?

Here are some of the key points that are important for increasing employee engagement.

Share the direction of the company with employees

In order to increase employee engagement, it is important to share the company’s direction, corporate philosophy, and other information about how the company will grow in the future with employees.

For this purpose, it is important to set appropriate goals and manage goals. In particular, it is desirable to set goals for the company as a whole by incorporating them into the goals of departments, project teams, and individuals to ensure a unified direction.

When managing goals, it is a good idea to introduce tools to reduce the increased workload of managers. It is also important to consider how to operate the management system so that goal management itself does not become a burden.

Emphasize work-life balance

In recent years, many working-age people have been emphasizing work-life balance, and providing an environment where employees can work comfortably is essential for increasing employee engagement.

There are ways to diversify work styles by increasing the percentage of employees who get paid, adopting flextime and shorter working hours, and working to reduce overtime hours.

The key is to understand what employees want and reflect it as a system in the workplace.

Be aware that even a system that the management thinks is a good idea will lose its effectiveness in increasing employee engagement if the employees do not want it.

Vitalize internal communication

In order to increase engagement, it is also necessary to revitalize internal communication. If communication is active, communication will be smooth and teamwork will be high.

If teamwork among employees is high, it will lead to a more efficient work environment and mutual follow-up.

It is also easy to measure the level of teamwork among employees to determine the extent to which engagement is increasing.

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A company with a high level of engagement has a high level of employee satisfaction and a sense of belonging, a motivating work culture, and a well-developed corporate philosophy.

By increasing engagement, the entire company, not just projects or departments, will come together as a team, and all employees will want to work toward growth.