Are you showing teamwork? Communication Tips for Bosses

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Many mid-level employees may feel that they do not communicate well with their subordinates and that teamwork does not work well. Teamwork is important for the smooth running of work.
In this article, I will introduce the necessity of teamwork and tips on communication to enhance teamwork.

Why do we need teamwork? Benefits

To begin with, teamwork refers to work done by members working together toward a goal. Improving teamwork is important for a company organization. The main effects of good teamwork are “increased motivation” and “increased productivity”.

Increased Motivation

When you work as a team, a common goal is created. Common goals help develop a sense of belonging to the team. Common goals help to develop a sense of belonging to the team, because it creates a feeling of “working hard for the team” toward the same goal.

With the same goal in mind, we are able to work with a high level of awareness. Good teamwork is effective in preventing the loss of motivation and increasing the motivation of each employee.

Increasing productivity

Increasing work productivity is one of the most important issues for a company. Teamwork is useful in improving productivity, which is such an important issue.

When you work alone, not only do your individual abilities and skills make a big difference, but you may also stumble in your work.

However, in a team, each person’s abilities and skills can be complemented. By taking advantage of each person’s strengths and compensating for each other’s deficiencies, work can be done more efficiently. As a result, productivity can be improved.

Communication tips to enhance teamwork

To enhance teamwork, it is essential to communicate well. If we fail to communicate well, we will not be able to build a solid cooperative system and will not be able to realize the strengths of teamwork, such as mutual help and increased productivity.

In this section, we will introduce four communication tips to enhance teamwork.

Share the team’s vision

In order to activate communication, it is important to make each member aware that the entire team is working under a common consciousness. Share the vision as the main principle with the entire team and make them aware of it. Some examples of visions that should be shared are as follows

What is the purpose of the team’s existence (raison d’etre)?
What kind of team the team is aiming to become (future shape)
What exactly the team is trying to achieve (goals)

Increase opportunities for conversation and comments

In order to improve teamwork, it is also important to simply increase opportunities for communication. By increasing the opportunities for conversation and statements among members, it is possible to prevent lack of communication. As a result, there will be fewer mistakes in the work and trust can be built.

In the workplace, it is a good idea to set up meetings, presentations, and other opportunities for young people to express their opinions. Outside of the workplace, it is a good idea to set up lunch meetings and other opportunities where young people can feel free to speak up.

In order to increase communication opportunities, it is recommended to use communication tools such as SNS and business chat. These communication tools allow us to communicate not only business matters, but also our daily thoughts and feelings that are not directly related to our work.

However, be careful not to communicate too frequently, as it may interfere with your work. It is recommended to create opportunities for communication in a balanced manner so as not to reduce work efficiency. Recommended.

Create an atmosphere where it is easy to speak up

An atmosphere in which it is difficult to speak up, such as when an opinion is rejected without follow-up, hinders smooth communication. To revitalize communication and enable immediate resolution of questions and concerns, it is important to create a groundwork that makes it easy to speak up.

There are a variety of ways to create an atmosphere in which it is easy to speak up. For example, the following methods may be helpful.

The leader should take the initiative in giving constructive feedback (don’t just stop with negativity).
Leaders should encourage those who do not speak up much to give their opinions.
Allow a certain amount of private conversations and comments.

Respect each other

If age, gender, nationality, or even inappropriate hierarchical relationships inhibit communication, teamwork will not be enhanced. The key to good communication is to create an environment of mutual respect.

When supervisors give guidance or pointers to their subordinates, they should be conscious of not forgetting to follow up with the other person. It is important to create an environment where both parties feel comfortable and want to voluntarily cooperate in their work.
In order to be able to respect each other, it is also good to think of things that the whole team can work on together. A “thank you card” is one way to express gratitude in a tangible way.

Goalous for revitalizing communication within the team

As mentioned above, using communication tools is also effective in improving teamwork. There are many communication tools for business, so it is important to choose one that has the functions that your company needs.

SNS-type goal management tools Goalous has a unique communication function that appeals to the eyes. The following features are useful for improving communication and teamwork.
The following functions can promote the activation of communication.

The open goal feature allows you to share team goals and raise awareness.
Increase the frequency of communication with the message function for casual communication.
In addition to the above, it is also possible to use the photo action function to encourage each other.

Goalous will not only revitalize communication, but also improve team awareness by sharing goals. This will not only activate communication, but also improve team awareness by sharing goals.

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One of the key points to enhance teamwork is to revitalize communication. To revitalize communication, you can use the Goalous and other latest goal management tools. It is also recommended to use the latest goal management tools such as
Let’s achieve ideal teamwork by proactively introducing the necessary measures and tools.