Improving the creation of goals

Improving purpose

We make the goal creation system capable with GKA plus improved it to proceed smoothly with ease.We will share with you this new goal creation system in the future.
Here are some of the characteristics of the system.

1. With 4 Steps

  • By making it 4 steps for the goal creation, you will be able to proceed each category simpler.
Create a new Goal
Create a new Goal

2. Label

  • To improve the search function for goals, you will be able to register labels.

3. TKR

  • TKR(Top Key Result): KR that is needed for completing goals.
  • KR(Key Result): Main success includes specific indicators of getting to the goals.
  • As for TKR, registration of once per goal is required.
  • TKR will be the top priority within the KR.
  • TKR will be specific indicators of capturing simply.
  • We want to concentrate on the activity of getting to the goals.
Top Key Result
Top Key Result

4. Abolition of the top criteria for goals

  • Abolition of the top criteria for goals to improve KR creation.
  • Completing a goal is the definition of completing all the KR.
  • Abolition of goals that is abstract and subjective.
  • Purpose can be expressed with “name of goals”.
Abolish the Purpose
Abolish the Purpose

To avoid wasting your actions

Every actions will be ruined if what the goal and KR is are misjudged.Because of this, it is not recommended to decide the goals and KR in a short period of time, but take the time and consider several different ideas.Especially for KR, it should be as simple as possible by only picking up the key, and list as clear index. Concentrate on this and go for a goal. This is what actions means.

Our project’s objective

Goalous Objective

Raising the team power with fun

This is the objective of web service called “Goalous“. The objective is the path of “Things that aim to implement and reach”. This means the equivalent of answering the question “What for?”.

Is it right or worth it to raise the team power in any organization? Do we even need to make it fun?

Team power

Team is “a group of people that work together to complete their common objective”. This doesn’t mean just “a group of people getting together”. In any organization, working out as team must expect many people even considering human growing.

And team power is to be cared by each member who try to complete a goal, work together, and contributes together as part of progress. “Raising” the team power is something that improves the number of actions and quality mentioned above.

Go for it with Fun

Does it have to be fun? Or not?
Set a goal, go for it with everyone. If that is not fun, nobody will act to complete the goal. It has to be fun.

Action on Goalous
Action on Goalous

With Goalous, you will be able to set a goal, open to everyone, review your goals. Share pictures of getting to the goals as well as get “Likes” and “Comments”.In these phases, you will be excited and joyful thus, you will feel “comfort” and “happiness”. That is how “fun” emotion is generated. With the fun emotion, you want to create more actions, and goals. This repetition will generate more motivation.

Additional Why?

Thinking “Why is it right to work together to complete a goal” leads to “Infinite regress” so this should not be a focus point.Principle of Wittgenstein states “transcendental certainty statement”. However you should not think too deeply why this is important, just think this is how you start with.

Depending on people, vision and Evaluation criteria varies. 0 to 1, it is interesting when people argues that this is right or not.However, working together for goal is normally an ideal that many people believe.

Goalous edo
Goalous edo

What do you want to do?

We have something like “want to”. This is normal, and make your idea realize through web service to deliver the fun for those need. What we need to implement vision of organization is members who go for a goal and a system that supports it. We want Goalous to be a service that is able to support users to complete their goals in the future.

In the future, we certainly want to create the system that is more technical, but simple way to raise “Team power”.

In this blog, we are talking more about the details of “great goal”,”worth of been opened”,”team”,”action” and “praising”.