[Benefits of OKRs] Tips on how to successfully manage subordinates.

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One of the corporate management methods and means of managing subordinates is the “OKR” approach.

OKRs have a variety of benefits, and many companies may have adopted them as a way to manage and control their business.

So what are the benefits of OKRs for middle managers? In this article, I will introduce the benefits of OKRs for middle managers and the points to keep in mind when introducing OKRs.

The benefits of OKRs from the perspective of middle managers

OKRs are beneficial in various aspects of corporate management, such as goal direction agreement and sharing of work progress.

Among them, what are the benefits for middle managers? Here, we will introduce the benefits and effects of how OKR management can help middle managers.

Easier to manage employees’ goals

OKR, an acronym for Objectives and Key Results, is one of the goal management methods which means “key results”.

By introducing OKR, the company’s goals are shared within the company and it becomes clear how to approach the goals.

Another advantage of OKR is that it makes it easier for middle managers to manage the goals of their subordinates by facilitating the sharing of goals.

It is also easy to check whether the goal setting of each employee is in line with the goal setting of the department or the company as a whole and whether the direction is consistent.

One of the benefits of this is that there will be no discrepancy between the company’s goals and the employees’ goals, and they will be able to work towards a unified direction.

Increases employees’ sense of belonging

By introducing OKRs, employees will be able to realize that their work and achievement of goals contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals.

As the degree of contribution to the company will be visualized, employees will be able to understand each other’s contribution as well.

In addition, if the degree and process of contribution, such as goal achievement, can be appropriately evaluated, it will be possible to increase motivation by saying, “If I contribute to the company, I will also be evaluated.

As a result, the introduction of OKRs has the merit of increasing employees’ sense of belonging because it leads to their desire to contribute to the company.

Enabling employees to demonstrate leadership

By introducing OKRs, employees’ sense of belonging will be enhanced, which will prevent them from becoming individual players. .

OKRs are not only for sharing goals, but also for managing the process and progress toward achieving goals. Another advantage of OKRs is that they make it easier for middle managers to grasp the status of their subordinates.

By making it easier to grasp and manage progress, they will be able to provide appropriate support to each employee and will be able to work as a team.

A note on implementing OKRs

Introducing OKRs does not mean that you will get the beneficial effects. Here are some points to keep in mind when implementing OKRs.

Not suitable for all companies

OKR is not a management technique that is suitable for all companies. For companies that do not have enough time or are small in size, OKR may not be effective.

This is because introducing and operating OKRs itself may become a burden on the business, and setting goals may increase the psychological burden on employees.

For example, it is a good idea to introduce OKRs on a trial basis in departments where goal setting is a positive thing, such as the sales department, where results and progress can be easily measured numerically.

It takes time to see the results of OKRs

Because it takes time for OKRs to produce results, it is important to introduce them with a view to long-term operation.

It is important to note that OKR differs in many ways from traditional goal management methods.

In the case of conventional goal management methods, target achievement rate is often set at 100% or higher, but in OKR, targets exceeding 100% are judged to be poorly set.

However, in OKR, if the target achievement rate exceeds 100%, it is judged to be poorly set.

In addition, it is important to clarify what kind of effect you want to achieve through the use of OKRs in order to get the best effect.

It is necessary to have both management and employees understand the necessity of OKRs before introducing and implementing them.

GKA is easy for any company to implement!

There is a goal management method called GKA, which is based on OKRs and is easy to introduce regardless of department or industry.

This section will introduce the features and benefits of GKA, as well as tools that are useful for implementing GKA.

GKA is a new goal management method based on OKR

GKA is a way to set and clarify visions rather than company goals, and is different from OKR, which is set as numerical targets.

GKA is different from OKRs, which are set as numerical goals. Because GKA sets abstract visions as goals, it allows employees to have a wider range of ideas and ways of conducting their work, and thus respects the internal initiative of employees.

For more information about GKA, please refer to the following page.

From OKR to GKA – the latest tool to achieve your goals

If you want to implement GKA, use Goalous!

Goalous is a service that incorporates the GKA system into a social networking It is a service that incorporates the GKA system into a social networking service and is one of the most useful tools for goal management.

It is easy to introduce because of its excellent support, and it is also easy to use for companies that are introducing GKA for the first time.

You can also share goals and communicate with other individuals Goalous. Colorkrew, which develops and operates Goalous, explains how to use OKR and GKA. Colorkrew, which develops and operates OKR and GKA, also holds free seminars that explain how to use OKR and GKA.

If you are considering using OKRs or GKA as a way to manage your goals, you should definitely take advantage of it.

For more information about the free seminar, please visit here.


The benefits of OKRs are not only gained by introducing them, but it is important to clarify how they are to be managed and operated.

The benefits of OKRs are not only gained by introducing them, but also by clarifying how to manage and operate them.