An indispensable tool for motivation

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Hello! My name is Yoko, and I’m working on Power BI development and operation, as well as content procurement for a video distribution site.

I’ve been teleworking due to Corona, but today I’d like to share with you a tool that is essential for my motivation, Goalous . .

Eh…it’s a pain in the ass…

When the decision was made to introduce Goalous, I honestly thought it was a pain in the ass. Because I had to post my daily work in a form similar to a social networking service (action below). And with pictures.

I thought to myself, “Why do I have to spend so much time on this when I’m usually so busy with work! I thought. I think many people probably thought the same way at first.

However, reluctantly, I decided to Goalous, and as I watched everyone else’s actions. The more I acted on it, and the more I saw what everyone else was doing, the more it changed for me.

Changes that have occurred through visualization

The major difference between a daily business action and a daily report is that all employees see the action.

Colorkrew currently has about 130 employees, and it’s difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing, whether they are teleworking or not. However, if you use the Goalous, you will be able to know who is doing what kind of activities naturally because you will be able to take action to say that you are doing such activities. If you have a Goalous, you will be able to say, “I’m doing this activity myself. From there, they can say, “Oh, this person is doing this? Then, I might be able to do something new related to my work! We can collaborate and start a new business together.

And because they take action, whether good or bad, they receive compliments and comments of encouragement for their actions.

For example, I got an order for the first time since I became a salesperson! Or, on the other hand, I made such a mistake… etc. Just reading everyone’s warm comments is exciting (of course, I also make comments).

(Oh, of course, I comment too.) Once this happens, the annoyance I felt in the beginning is gone.

The number of actions naturally increased, and at the same time, my motivation for work also increased.

I’ve even gotten some nice comments on my action of working hard to learn English besides my job description

An indispensable tool now

In addition to actions related to your work, you can also create your own circles. It’s fun to create not only work-related circles, but also hobby circles!

If you’ve been teleworking a lot and feel like you can’t see the activities of your employees, this is the place for you.

Once Goalous and experience it for yourself. As you experience it, you’ll find it to be an indispensable tool!

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