An engineer’s technique for maintaining motivation

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Goalous As an engineer on the development team, I spend my days Goalous!
As an engineer, I spend my days studying technology and creating things outside of work, and one of the tools that helps me stay motivated is I present to you Goalous!

I want to, but I can’t…

I’m an engineer myself, and I have a long list of technologies I’d like to use, services I’d like to build, and applications I’d like to apply.
However, time in life is limited.
I want to play games and read books. I want to play games, read books, go camping, and even try my hand at cooking.
In such a situation, it is difficult to develop something in terms of time and motivation…
There are many times when other temptations get the better of me and I end up giving it less priority.

But I still want to develop services…! (It’s true. I really want to!

What I use to maintain my motivation for service development is our own Goalous! Yes!

How does it work?

So how exactly do you stay motivated?

The answer is simple.
I get people to watch me!

If you’re thinking, “Oh, I don’t like being monitored! The answer is simple.

Goalous is a service that allows you to share your goals with your team, and post daily about what you’re doing and the progress you’ve made toward your goals. It is a service that allows you to share your goals with your team, and post daily about what activities you are doing and what progress you have made toward your goals.
In other words, everyone on the team can see your progress toward the goals you’ve set!

So, as your personal growth goal, you can declare, “I will develop a service by myself! As a personal growth goal, I decided to share my goal and progress with the team by declaring “I will develop my own service!
Then, lo and behold.
Then I thought, “Everyone will know that I haven’t made any progress this week! Then, lo and behold, “Everyone will know that I haven’t made any progress this week!” and I’ll be naturally motivated!

Or maybe it’s the fact that “everyone can see what I’ve made” that motivates me.

Surprising Benefits

Actually, there were other good things too.
There are a lot of points in service development that don’t go well or that you don’t notice on your own.

I wrote about these “problems” in my progress post, and someone who knows a lot about that field commented on it!
Thanks to him, the problem was solved, and we ended up developing the project together!

Thanks to this, the problem was solved, and we even started developing together! This was all thanks to sharing my goals and progress with the team!

You’re having trouble staying motivated!

The engineers who develop Goalous recommend Goalous!

When we think of goal management, we tend to think of sales or sales numbers, but engineers have their own goals specific to them.
Have you felt why we recommend “sharing information” in addition to “goal management” as the purpose of using Goalous? You can try it for 15 days.

We also offer a 15-day free trial, so if you’re having trouble staying motivated, please give it a try!
You’ll be amazed at how it motivates you like never before!