A new graduate engineer talks about the good things about Goalous!

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Hi! I’m Tsutsumi, and I joined Colorkrew as an engineer in April 2020.
Due to the influence of Corona, I started working remotely on my second day at Colorkrew, and I started my first year of working with a lot of anxiety. new-graduate-engineer-talks-about-the-good-things-about-goalous&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=GoalousBlog” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>I’m glad we have Goalous! I’d like to talk about what I think from the perspective of a new graduate.

Engagement is enhanced by knowing what the company as a whole is doing

Normally, it would be great if I could greet each of you when you join the company and say, “I look forward to working with you! It would have been nice if I could have greeted each and every person when I joined the company, but that didn’t happen, and when you start working remotely, it’s easy to end up with “everyone I know = people I interact with in training & people in my project”.
If you start working remotely, you tend to end up with “all the people I know = the people involved in training & my project”, which inevitably leads to less information, “I don’t know anything or anyone outside of my project”, “I don’t know what the company as a whole is doing or trying to do”, and so on.
However, the solution to such “I don’t know, I don’t understand” is Goalous.
Daily activities are shared in the form of actions, and it is easy to see at a glance that “this is what my seniors are doing right now” or “this project is currently working on this goal.
As a new graduate, I was very grateful to be able to see this log, and it contributed greatly to my motivation to work because I could see where the work I was doing was leading and how it would be useful.
In addition, I feel that learning about the activities is strongly linked to improving engagement, for example, by referring to the activities of my seniors who are close in age to me, and by being inspired to do my best when I see the activities of my peers.

The joy of seeing a face in action

Goalous requires that you attach an image when you take an action.
The most common pattern of actions is to screenshot the video call when a meeting is held via zoom or Teams and attach it to the post.
Of course, it’s great to see the activity reports, but seeing the faces makes a difference in the sense of security.
Especially from the standpoint of new graduates, it is very important to be able to remember not only the name but also the face of the person who is doing this.
I feel that attaching just one image makes such a difference in the information and sense of security I can get.
In-house seminar image
(Photo from an in-house seminar, glad to see everyone showing up)

Getting feedback from many different people

By sharing our activities with the entire company, not only those who are involved in the project, but also those who are not involved in the project at all say, “I see that you are currently involved in ____. If you are, you should learn more about △. or “I have materials related to □□, I’ll share them with you! I have materials related to □□, so I’ll share them with you!” I’ve been very grateful for the feedback and help I’ve received.
In addition, I think that the advantage of easily receiving feedback for new employees is also an advantage for their superiors, who can give feedback easily thanks to knowing what their subordinates are doing.
In fact, there are many cases where conversations expand from “I saw Tsutsumi-kun’s action…” and I feel that there are advantages for both the person giving feedback and the person being given feedback.
(An example of sharing what I’m working on and getting advice)


This Goalous was.
I think it’s very stressful to work without knowing anything or anyone, so I Goalous to see the faces of the people around me and learn about their activities, which I really appreciated.

This time, Goalous from the perspective of a new graduate. But as I mentioned above, it also has advantages for supervisors who manage new graduates.
If you are wondering how to communicate with new graduates or younger members in a remote environment, or if you read this article and want to learn If you are interested in Goalous, please feel free to contact us.