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I hope you are all doing well.
Are you busy with your work deadlines?

From Colorkrew’s beautiful publicist, Harada-san
beautiful PR
“We want to improve our ability to communicate with the public, so we want all of our employees to write blogs, no matter what the topic! .
It was two months ago when I received this request.

Two months ago, I was asked to write a blog for all employees, no matter what the topic.
Now I am writing this with the feelings of a new employee who was asked to give a presentation at a year-end party but didn’t prepare anything until the day before.

It seems that as we grow up, our skin gets thicker, not only on our face, but also on our buttocks.
I’ve learned to know when a fire is burning and to look away.
That’s not good.
But it’s work, so let’s get it done in time. That’s the promise of working people.

See you later.

Today, I’d like to talk about “Designing Experiences”.
Today, I would like to write one article on “Harassment” and “Play”.

I asked him, “Are you sure you’re okay corporately with this kind of article?” I confirmed.
But the genius PR person flattered me by saying, “It looks really interesting, doesn’t it?

Making it easier to say things that are hard to say

Harassment is the act of making another person (whether specific or unspecified) feel uncomfortable.
Harassment is a general term for any act that causes discomfort, such as making another person (whether specific or unspecified) feel uncomfortable or causing substantial damage.
Harassment is the general term for any behavior that causes discomfort or substantial harm to another person (whether specific or unspecified).
(Quote from wikipedia)

Sexual harassment, power harassment, moral harassment, and alcohol harassment …… Recently, there is also a word called “limo harassment.
The word “harassment” has a wide range of meanings and is often used to describe problems in the corporate world.
At Colorkrew, we don’t hear about any of the above harassment, but many of our members have experienced it.
But there is one kind of harassment that many of our members have experienced.
I’m experiencing it right now: ……

The name of it is

If you are wondering what it stands for, thank you.
Let’s take a look at the beginning of this article.

“Mr. 〇〇〇! The manuscript for the results page is due in three days, are you writing it?

“Mr. XXX! Did you get an idea for an article for the recruitment site?

“If you write a blog, you can win the Akutagawa Prize! Let’s do our best!”

This is the overwhelming power of content coercion.
This is the harassment that all Colorkrew employees (especially Representative Nakamura) are receiving from Mr. Harada “Dah harassment”.

How dare you treat reminders like harassment! Aside from the fact that
“Still?” “Are we there yet?” “You’re overdue.” “You haven’t written to me recently.
Both the person making the request and the person being requested to do so feel a certain amount of burden and pressure.
It’s best to minimize the friction between the two parties.

Reminder: “Important: This is a reminder of the deadline for blog post writing.
In a normal company, you would receive a message like this, but at Colorkrew
“We’re here to harass you! Have you written your blog? .
It goes like this.

“If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “My publicist keeps asking me if I’m ready.
In Colorkrew, the phrase
“I’m suffering from severe gender harassment: ……”.
This is how it works.

I’m sure you can feel the atmosphere from the text, which makes you chuckle a little.
I hope you can feel that kind of atmosphere from the text.

Although what we do and what is done to us are the same

Tackling the feeling of not wanting to do something

Overtime is unpleasant, isn’t it?
Working on holidays is even worse.
Marital strife is a sensitive issue.
Think of the pain and stress in your daily life.

I don't want to do it

Are you starting to feel depressed?

Well, here’s an experiment. Here’s a little experiment.
Try adding the word “play” to the end of the things you don’t like that you just thought of.

“Overtime work play”.
“Working on holidays”.
“Marital quarrel play”.

How about it?
It may sound like I’m going to be offended by what I’m saying, but just by adding just three katakana characters
But with just three katakana letters, don’t you think they all sound a little silly, a little less toxic, and a little less angular?
By naming the action “Fat Play,” you can detach yourself from it a little bit.

What you end up having to do. Something you’ve already done.
I learned this tip from a friend in junior college.
I learned this tip from a friend at junior college, and I occasionally remember it and “play” with it.

These are part of the design of the experience

“Der Harassment”, “Overtime Play”
Even though progress management and overtime are the same thing to do.
But by changing the way we talk about it, we can make ourselves feel a little better about it.
Isn’t that great?

Designing an experience means designing the way the recipient feels about the experience.
The meaning is so broad that you may think, “How can this be design? You may think, “How can this be design?
But I say out loud, “If this is not design, then what is it? The word “harassment
I’d like to quietly present the Karakuru Good Design Award to Mr. Nakamura, who coined the word “daharassment”.

Introduce your own content called “Finally”

It can be fun even though we are doing the same thing.
I’m the designer of “Goalous, where I am the designer.
We provide a service to increase team strength and make daily work more enjoyable.

This is the daily report email that we send to our boss and team members every day.
Goalous replaces this with Action, and by posting
Let your team members know about your work and accomplishments.

Try changing the design of the daily report to make work more enjoyable and to make the company more easily supportive of its members.